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Depending on the Mixer itself, you might hook it up to a multiple of things. DJ mixers are usually connected to 1 or more sources of sound. In most DJing set-ups, these imput items would be turntables or CD players. Depending on the amount of "inputs" the mixer has, you can add a variety of sources. On the "out" connection, the mixer is generally plugged into an amplifier so you will be able to hear the sound that is produced. You might also have a CD burner, PC, or other items connected to your "out" plugs.

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Q: What do DJ mixers hook up to?
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Do dj sound mixers explode and if yes is there any dj sound mixers that dont explode?

No, it would be illegal if they did!!

DJ Coffin Cases?

DJ coffin cases allow for mixers and turntables to be transported and stored in one protective, easy to set up container. Allowing the DJ to set up in half the time it normally takes.

How do you hook up DJ mixer to PC?

To get sound from PC to the DJ mixer:Soundcard output -> DJ mixer inputTo get sound from the DJ mixer to PC:DJ Mixer output -> Soundcard input

Where to find household DJ mixers?

Guitar Center - check out their website

What is the difference in a DJ amp and a mixer amp?

mixer is when you ix the music only but he dj amp i for all the gear like speakers mixers turntables and stuff.............

Can you hook a car subwoofer to a DJ amp?

Yes you can hook up a car subwoofer to a dj amp. Some dj amps have a barewire hook up on them so you can hook it up using the same wires as you would with your car amp. If not then you would have to either convert your hook up on the speaker box to the style in which your amp takes, or splice new ends onto your existing wires to hook up to the amp. The one thing to watch out for is your rms and peak power. Dj amps tend to be a bit more powerful then car amps and you can cause damage to your speaker and or amp by forcing to much power, or by giving to little power. I suggest trying it out at home for a good amount of time on a med. power level to see if the amp and speaker can hold to a couple hours of non stop use before I would take it to a gig with me.

Can you hook up DJ speakers to a computer?

Speakers are speakers, it's just whether you have an adapter to plug them into your computer or not ;)

How do you clean a dough maker with a fixed bowl and hook?

The dough hook should have some sort of mechanism that allows it to be removed for cleaning. It does not make sense that the hook could not be removed. On many mixers, you need to lift and turn the hook to release it.

What are some quality music mixers?

Some quality music mixers include Denon DJ DN-X1600, Pioneer DJM-700, and Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000. You can find a full list of some of the best rated music mixers on the market at the Top Ten Reviews website.

How do you become famous like willow?

If you rap sing or dance see a dj to hook you up u may be next to her in those things

What equipment do DJs use?

They use CD decks, turntables, mixers, laptops, beat makers ETC... disk jockeys or dj's use AMP, PA system, turntables, mixers, dj controller, smokers, and even use lighting

How do you start to dj?

To start DJing, you will need to have some experience. You will need special equipment such as turntables, CD decks, mixers, laptops, and beat makers.

Where can you get cheap dj equipment?

DJ Equipment are rarely cheap and like most electronic products the cheaper it gets the less features and quality it comes with. I would recommend though to checkout Numark products. Their products are price decently and they make great DJ mixers and CD players.

What is the difference between a food mixer and a food processor?

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How do you hook up a tack?

How do you hook up a tack

Where to buy cheap dj equipment? offers great prices on quality dj equipment including professional mixers, speakers, headphones, and woofers, from companies like Channel. Pyle Audio's pro audio equipment collection offers all the materials you need to establish yourself as a great dj. Good luck!

How can you hook up Wii if tv doesnt have hook up?

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Who is Justin biebers dj?

Justin's DJ is Dj Tay James. look up :)

What do a DJ do?

what a DJ does is he controls the music and mix it up a little

What is the Tagalog for hook up?

Tagalog for hook up: kumunekta

When was Hook Up created?

Hook Up was created in 2004.

Do you need a special certificate to become a dj?

Not really. You just need a really rally good taste in music, good reflexes and ear for music, skill in using DJ mixers and all that technology, a lot of connections and really good friends in high places.

Can any turntable be use for dj?

Yes and no. Some Dj labels that are used for scratching, DnB, or beat-making are Gemini, Stanton, Vestax and NuMark. Some turntables are just for listening to music with records. It is possible to use those for scratching but it would look extremely stupid and you would be an outcast to the DJ community. If you have an questions on turntables/mixers/or any DJ equipment feel free to write me a message

Who is a DJ?

A DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who selects and plays music, usually at parties, performance, clubs, and concerts for his audience. A DJ uses special equipment such as turntables, CD decks, mixers, laptops, and beat makers. There are mainly 3 types of DJs. 1. Radio DJ 2. Club DJ 3. Mobile DJ 1. A radio DJ works at radio stations and plays music that you listen to on the radio. 2. A club DJ works at clubs and plays music for his audience. 3. A mobile DJ must have his own music and equipment. A mobile DJ is a person who DJs at traditional events such as parties, weddings, gigs, or wherever they're requested to go.

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