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Depending on the Mixer itself, you might hook it up to a multiple of things. DJ mixers are usually connected to 1 or more sources of sound. In most DJing set-ups, these imput items would be turntables or CD players. Depending on the amount of "inputs" the mixer has, you can add a variety of sources. On the "out" connection, the mixer is generally plugged into an amplifier so you will be able to hear the sound that is produced. You might also have a CD burner, PC, or other items connected to your "out" plugs.

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2011-09-14 00:13:07
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Q: What do DJ mixers hook up to?
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Do dj sound mixers explode and if yes is there any dj sound mixers that dont explode?

No, it would be illegal if they did!!

Where can one purchase DJ mixers?

One can purchase DJ mixers are a number of different locations. There is software available on the DJ Today site that is not very expensive and used by many people.

DJ Coffin Cases?

DJ coffin cases allow for mixers and turntables to be transported and stored in one protective, easy to set up container. Allowing the DJ to set up in half the time it normally takes.

Where to find household DJ mixers?

Guitar Center - check out their website

How do you hook up Behringer mixer to Amplifier?

You connect the mixers main outputs to the inputs of the amplifier and the outputs of the amplifier to speakers

How do you hook up DJ mixer to PC?

To get sound from PC to the DJ mixer:Soundcard output -> DJ mixer inputTo get sound from the DJ mixer to PC:DJ Mixer output -> Soundcard input

What equipment do DJs use?

They use CD decks, turntables, mixers, laptops, beat makers ETC... disk jockeys or dj's use AMP, PA system, turntables, mixers, dj controller, smokers, and even use lighting

What is the average price for a DJ mixer?

DJ mixers average at around $100 dollars or so. But they can go all the way up to $1,200 dollars and higher depending on the brand and what kind of things you would like.

Where can audio mixers be purchased?

Audio mixers are used by DJ's for changing the sounds of music and songs. You can buy them from music retailers and also on general online stores like Amazon.

Where can one get a complete DJ equipment?

Many companies offer a complete DJ set-up. First, a DJ must decide how much to spend. This will reflect the quality of equipment and components. Apple, Stanton, Traktor and iCD are just a few of the companies that offer complete DJ equipment systems, including mixers.

What is the difference in a DJ amp and a mixer amp?

mixer is when you ix the music only but he dj amp i for all the gear like speakers mixers turntables and stuff.............

What DJ systems are available for public purchase?

There are many DJ systems available for public purchase. Most systems will include lighting equipment, DJ tables, CD mixers, turntables and special effects equipment.

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