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Q: What do Germans call afternoon tea?
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What is an afternoon tea?

An afternoon tea is a formal meal comprising light snacks.

What is afternoon tea?

because it all ways cold in the afternoon

When scones are eaten?

They are traditionally eaten with afternoon tea in places where they have afternoon tea. I like them for breakfast.

Why is afternoon tea a luxury?

if u eat afternoon tea in a restaurant, its an extra meal to pay for.

What did Romans used to call tea time?

Romans didn't have "tea time" they didn't have tea. But, they did have siesta which lasted from late afternoon to early evening. Italy still has siesta, but not as much as they used to.

Can you use Chinese tea leaves for English afternoon tea?


Who was credited for inventing Afternoon Tea?

Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford who originated the British meal "afternoon tea".

What starts with a t has a t in it and ends with t?

A teapot. The word teapot starts and ends with a T. One would use it at tea (afternoon tea). During afternoon tea, the teapot would have tea in it.

What does rebus puzzle noon T mean?

Afternoon Tea

What would you find a afternoon tea?


What country is known for its afternoon tea?


How is an early morning tea different from that of a high tea?

High tea is in the afternoon and is accompanied by finger sandwiches (US?); in England what Americans call "high tea" is called "afternoon tea" or simply "tea". In England "a high tea" is usually a meal that includes a cooked dish and tea to drink, and is eaten instead of dinner as the last meal of the day. In households where "high tea" is eaten it is often simply called "tea". Early morning tea is simply tea to drink that one may be offered on waking, often with a biscuit or, in old fashioned households, with a thin slice of bread and butter.