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Lizards, berries, insects, and more.:)

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Can grizzly bear eat a goat?

A Grizzly Bear can eat whatever it can catch so, yes, a Grizzly Bear can eat a goat.

Will a grizzly bear eat a dead grizzly bear?

No, they do not eat dead grizzlies.

Would a Grizzly bear eat a Pika?

If it could catch it, yes, a Grizzly bear would eat a Pika.

What kind of large animal does grizzly bear eat?

The grizzly bear eats deer.

What does grizzly bear do?

eat sleep eat

What eats grizzly bears?

nothing eats a grizzly bear only dinosaurs would eat a grizzly bear not hunters :)

When do grizzly bear eat?

when they are hungry

Can a raptor eat a grizzly bear?

A raptor can eat a dead bear with no problem

I am here but my owner is not. But if you eat me my owner will eat you. What am I?

A grizzly bear or a wolf or just a wolf or just a grizzly bear.

Grizzly bear what do they eat?

it would probs eat you!

What would eat a brown bear or grizzly bear?

a barbarian

What could a grizzly bear eat?


What dose a grizzly bear eat?


Do sharks eat grizzly bear?


Does a grizzly bear eat caribou?


Could a wolf eat a grizzly bear?


Can a brown bear eat a black bear?

Yes. A brown bear, especially a grizzly bear, would kill and eat a black bear.

Is a grizzly bear a produce consumer or decomposer?

A grizzly bear is a consumer since it eat other plants or animals to survive.

What do spider eat?

they eat fox head and grizzly bear head

Can an anaconda eat a grizzly bear?

Grizzly bears live in North America, and anacondas live in south america. They will never meet each other. Either way, an anaconda cannot eat a grizzly bear as the bear is too robust and big.

Can a grizzly bear eat porcupines?

yes, yes they can

Do tigers eat grizzly bears?

Yes, but they have to kill the grizzly bear. Amur tigers usually take down small adult grizzly bears, but never a large adult grizzly bear.

What will eat a black bear?

other types of bears such as the grizzly/brown bear eat black bears

How many pounds of food does a grizzly bear eat before hibernation?

a grizzly bear can eat up to over 100 pounds of food the week before hibernation

Will a grizzly bear eat a moose?

A grizzly bear would only eat a dead moose because it does not like to hunt an animal that is quite large and can fight back. Grizzly bears and black bears prefer to kill and eat weak moose, moose calf, or an injured moose. A grizzly bear can sometimes kill a moose if it was very angry and strong.

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