What do Himalayan people do?

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Not much

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Q: What do Himalayan people do?
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What do Himalayan people drink?

Himalayan people drink something called Goji Juice Yak milk and water.

What food do Himalayan people eat?

The Himalayan people eat yaks and other kinds of meats.Including deer butt

What are steps taken by Bhutan's people to make Bhutan's biodiversity a Himalayan diamond?

What are steps taken by Bhutan's people to make Bhutan's biodiversity a himalayan diamond?

Where do Himalayan Yaks live?

A Himalayan yak lives in Himalayan mountains.

What type of dress is worn by people living in the Himalayan Region?


Who is the Himalayan hulk?

A Himalayan hulk is a Yeti

What do you call Himalayan Mountain guides?

I believe sherpa, in uncapitalized form is usually accepted. The Sherpa people of Nepal are the most well known Himalayan guides.

What type of language do Himalayan people speak?

The Himalayan people are located in Tibet and Tibet borders China . The Chinese control Tibet since 1950 and they have killed over 1 million of the population of Tibet. The people of Tibet speak Chinese.

What is Himalayan tsunami?

A Himalayan tsunami is an event that occurred on June 16-17 2013. This is when India went through their worst monsoon in history. Close to 6,000 people died and left 100,000 people stranded.

What is Himalayan oxen?

a Himalayan oxen is called a yak

What are Himalayan cats from?

Himalayan cats are a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. They do not come from the Himalayans but rather were named "Himalayan" because of their coloring that is the same as that of the Himalayan rabbits.

Why don't people live in the Himalayan mountain?

People do live in the Himalayans. There are villages all through the area.

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