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The term is nuclear fusion, where light elements (usually hydrogen) fuse to form heavier elements.

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Q: What do Hydrogen bombs and stars both produce energy with nuclear?
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How do hydrogen bombs and stars both produce nuclear energy?

Stars like our sun and hydrogen bombs produce energy through nuclear fusion.

Hydrogen bombs and stars both produce energy with nuclear?

Nuclear fusion.

What do hydrogen bombs ands stars both produce nuclear with?

The process of fusion, where hydrogen is fused into heavier elements, releasing energy in the process.

What kind of nuclear energy is produced by hydrogen bombs and stars?

This is produced by nuclear fusion

What is the Difference in radiation - atomic vs hydrogen bombs?

The same nuclear radiation is released by both fission (atomic) and fusion (hydrogen) bombs. Hydrogen bombs are larger, and produce more.

Which is stronger Nuclear Bomb or Hydrogen Bomb?

Nuclear bombs is all types of bombs that use nuclear energy. It is not a type of bomb,just a category of bombs. hydrogen bomb is the strongest bomb ever, and its blast yield can go up to 100megatons of TNT.

Is there nuclear energy in nuclear bombs?

Yes, there is nuclear energy in nuclear bombs. It is released in a few microseconds when they are detonated.

Is an atom bomb the same as an atomic bomb?

Atomic bombs use nuclear fission to cause near perpetual chains of reactions. Nuclear warheads (Nukes) just sums up all the different types, including hydrogen bombs (which use nuclear fusion, a much more potent type of power) and atomic bombs. So yes, they are the same.

What type of nuclear energy do hydrogen bombs produce?

Fusion. However in standard fusion bombs about 90% of the yield comes from fission of Uranium-238 in the fusion tamper and radiation channel guide from fast 15MeV fusion neutrons.

Hydrogen bombs use the same nuclear process that powers the?

Hydrogen bombs use the same process of nuclear fusionthat powers the Sun.

Do H-bombs deal with fission?

To some degree. Hydrogen bombs release energy via nuclear fusion, but they use a fission reaction to trigger the fusion.

Is a hydrogen bomb the same as a nuclear bomb?

Hydrogen bombs, or thermonuclear explosives, are one form of nuclear weapon, gaining a tremendous increase in explosive power from the fusion of atoms. This is the opposite of the fission reaction, which generates energy by splitting a larger atom into smaller ones. But the fusion bombs currently used require a fission trigger, which means they still produce radioactive fallout, just less for the equivalent energy yield.