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New Zealand soccer players are paid high salaries, and receive more money than United States players because the sport is more popular there. Players in the United States make around $7 million, and those in New Zealand make slightly more than that.

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Q: What do New Zealand soccer players get paid?
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What is the average salary for a professional New Zealand men's soccer player?

Since soccer is more popular there, the players will usually make more. It is estimated that players in New York $7 million so those in New Zealand make about the same if not more.

What sport do the New Zealand players compete against the Melbourne Victory?

It is the sport of professional football (soccer).

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7 milion rand monthly

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Soccer is the most popular winter sport in NZ, more kds play soccer than rugby

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New zealand is mainly a rugby country, but wynton rufer (werner bremen) is regarded as one of our best players of all time. current players include captain Ryan nelson (blackburn rovers) , chris killen (middleborough) and chris wood (west bromwhich albion)

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No, the All Blacks are selected from all New Zealander players. The New Zealand Maori representative side is selected from Maori players.

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As far as I know, every country plays soccer.

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New Zealand did not make it to the 2006 world cup.

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What is the New Zealand Ladies soccer team called?

All pinks.

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A New Zealand soccer team

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Soccer and rugby

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They are the White Ferns