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What do Olympic and Olympian mean?

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olympic is sports at the olympic games. now i hope you seen the olympic games because i ain't gonna tell what the olympic games is.a olympian is a greek god i believe

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Who can be an Olympic?

i think you get to be an Olympian if you are a famous professional of the sport

What is an athelete in the Olympics called?

An Olympic athlete or Olympian competes in the Olympics.

How did Steve Redgrave become an Olympian?

Very simply, to become an Olympian, you need to be the best in your sport in your country. Your country's Olympic committee may then invite you to participate if your performance in your sport meets the overall Olympic requirements.

What was the purpose of the Olympic games?

The purpose of the Olympic Games was to honor the Greek god, Zeus, who was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods.

How did the olmpics start?

The Olympics started in Greece whereby the people then decided to dedicate the Olympian games to the Olympian gods. The first Olympic games was staged in Olympia.

What contest was held at the Olympian hippodrome?

Horse and chariot races were held at the Olympic hippodrome?

Why is table tennis an Olympic sport?

Have you ever tried playing an Olympian in Table Tennis? It's an Olympic sport because it takes skill to play it.

Has anyone ever sold an olympic medal?

Yes, In 1934 an Olympian from Great Britain sold his Olympic Gold Medal to pay off his home.

What is the conclusion of the Olympic Games Spirit?

The conclusion of the Olympic Games is for each Olympian to show the love for their country by competing with good sportsmanship and pride for their country.

What is an Olympian Mark Spitz famous for?

Mark Spitz is an American Olympic swimmer. He won seven gold metals in the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

What olympic contest was held at the olympian hippodrome?

It was the gladiator fighting other people to win fame

Who is the most successful Olympian?

The most successful and decorated Olympic athlete as of 2014 is Michael Phelps. He has 22 Olympic medals with 18 being gold medals.

What does 'Olympian' mean?

'Olympian' This adjective is derived from (Mount) Olympus, where the Greek gods were said to live. It means 'godlike', 'above everyday affairs'..

Who is the youngest athelete in 2016 Rio Olympic?

Gaurika Singh from Nepal is the youngest olympian in 2016 Rio Olympic. She is just 13 and took part in swimming events.

What prizes do you win at the olympic games?

An olympian can win a gold(1st), silver(2nd),or bronze(3rd) medal.

How is the name of the Olympian skier Peekaboo spelled?

The US Olympic skier Picabo Street pronounces her name "peekaboo".

Definition of the word Olympic?

* Of or relating to the Olympic Games * Olympian: of the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitants * Of or pertaining to Olympus, a mountain of Thessaly, fabled as the seat of the gods, or to Olympia, a small plain in Elis; Of or pertaining to the Olympic Games

The purpose of the olympic game was to?

The first Olympic games were a religious dedication to the 12 Olympian mythical Gods. The games featured athletic sports that were said to be mythical occurrences that were accomplished by the Gods.

What did the word Olympian mean back in Shakespeare days?

The word Olympian refers to Mount Olympus, in Greece. In Shakespeare's day, people would have connected this with the myths of the Greek Gods, who were supposed to live on Mount Olympus. Nowadays we are more likely to think of the Olympic Games, modeled on games held in ancient Greece at Olympia.

Why was wenlock chosen for the 2012 olympic games?

Wenlock's name is inspired by Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England, where the Wenlock Olympian Society held its first Olympian Games in 1850, regarded as an inspiration for the modern Olympic games. The five friendship rings on his wrists represents the Olympic rings, and three points on his head represent the three places on the podium. The pattern on his body symbolises the whole world coming to London, and the shape of his helmet represents the shape of the Olympic Stadium.

Who is Kip Simons?

Kip Simons 196 Olympian www.kipsimons.gymfan96.com more on his official website. Kip Simons is the Associate Head Coach for Cal Berkeley men's gymnastics team Olympian from the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta

What does the blue Olympic ring mean?

The blue Olympic ring does not really mean anything

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