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A shovel and this pointy thing.

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Q: What do Paleontologists use to dig up Dinosaur Bones?
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Why do paleontologists use picks?

They use picks so they wouldn't damage the dinosaur bones in the process of digging them up.

What vocabulary words does a paleontologist use?

prehistoric dig site fossil dinosaur etc.

How to use preserve in a sentence?

Scientists will preserve the dinosaur's bones to put in a museum.

How do you use paleontologists in a sentence?

Paleontologists are especially interested in the study of fossils.

What did Chinese people use to think dinosouar fossils were?

Chinese people use to think dinosaur fossils were dragon bones.

What do paleontologists use to dig up fossils?

Paleontologists use many different tools; of them, many are precise and delicate so as to not damage the find. Shovels, brushes, sand filters, (sometimes water pump filters), and if the find is known to be deep enough, sometimes even bulldozers can be used. The end.

What is a nasal passage and how did the lambeosaurus use it?

It Is A Big Dinosaur That Is White And Lambeosaurus have used its bones to make necklesses

What ways are used to estimate the weight of dinosaurs?

Scientists use the dinosaur's bones to estimate its weight. They weight the bones and then they consider whether the particular species of dinosaur was bulky or thin. They mearly estimate the weight of the creature's body fat and calculate the final weight.

How do you escape the treasure room in fossil fighters?

On the right side of the room there are two sets of bones, use your picax in between them!!! Hope it helps:)

How did the Cahuilla Indians use clubs for tools?

The cahuilla Indians used old dinosaur bones and hard boogers for clubs

What do paleontologists do to determine the actual age of rocks?

Paleontologists use carbon dating to determine the age of rocks.

Why would paleontologists use drills?

Paleontologists would use drills if they knew that the dinosaur or prehistoric animal skeleton was a bit deeper than other skeletons. If there was a dinosaur skeleton that was only a maximum amount of 2 feet down, they might use their picks. But, if its around 5 feet down, they may use drills. If its even deeper, they might even use a smal bit of dynamite!