Eucharist (Communion)

What do Protestants believe about the Catholic Eucharist?

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The Catholic faith teaches that the priest consecrates the bread

and wine into the ACTUAL body and blood of Jesus Christ. Catholics

believe through the process of transubstantiation, Jesus Christ is

LITERALLY present in the Eucharist, NOT a symbol. Protestants

however, believe the bread and wine to be a symbol and not

literally the body and blood of Christ.

Having been brought up a catholic i was taught that's its a symbol

by a priest who laughed at me as a child when i thought it was

Jesus' real body. It seems he wasnt going by the catholic rules?

Just thought id add this, anyway ive no interest in these religious

stories anymore.

Actually some Protestants like Lutherans, believe in real

presence of Jesus in the bread and wine. Reformed protestants deny

that. Reformed protestants think they are just symbols.

Orthodox christians also believe that bread and wine becomes

Jesus body and blood.

Jesus as a God has the power to transform bread and wine in his

body and blood. He as a God also has the power to keep his body and

blood in the form of bread and wine so that we are able to it


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