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NREM stands for non rapid eye movement... its a dreamless sleep where breathing and heart rate are regular, the blood pressure is below normal and the sleeper is still. NREM sleep is divided into 4 stages of increasing depth leading to REM sleep.

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REM- Rapid eye movement, it is a relatively active type of sleep where most dreaming takes place nREM- non rapid eye movement, it is a deeper more restful kind of sleep

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National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians I assume you left off the last T.

or Non-Rapid Eye Movement... a stage of the sleep cycle ;)

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Q: What do REM and NREM stand for?
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The two most basic states of sleep are?


What are characteristics of REM sleep?

You have the alternate episodes of REM and NREM types of sleep. REM sleep is characterized by rapid eye moment type of sleep. You can easily spot that the person is moving his eye ball and flickers the eye lids. The electroencephalogram of the patient is specific for REM and NREM sleep.

If you encounter someone sleepwalking you can be certain that he or she a. is in NREM sleep c. is in REM sleep b. suffers from insomnia d. is acting out a dream?


During what cycle of sleep does the body do most of its energy restoration?

The most restorative stage of sleep is NREM-3.In a sleep cycle you progress through the stages:Initial sleep induction: NREM-1 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-3Full sleep cycle: NREM-3 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-1 -> REM -> NREM-1 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-3.A full sleep cycle takes approximately 90 minutes, but the time you spend in each stage changes during the night. At first you spend more time in stage 3, but as your body rests it will spend more and more time in REM.

Do nrem and rem sleep alternate through most of the sleep cycle?


What sleeping stage comes before REM stage?

Nrem (n1, n2, n3)

Does dreaming occur during NREM?

You do occasionally dream during NREM, but the dreams are not nearly as vivid as during REM and usually they are sparse, short and just fragments of a dream

What are the types of sleeping?

rapid eyes movement (REM) and non rapid eyes movement (NREM)

What are the two types of sleep?

rapid eyes movement (REM) and non rapid eyes movement (NREM)