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us senators agree with the president but make it better

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Yes, there are 100 US Senators

2 state senators and there are 100 us senators 2 for every state

There are 100 senators in the us capitol!

US senators never elect the US president. Possibly some future senators or ex-senators once served as electors.

There are 100 US Senators in Washington D.C. There are 2 senators from each state.

Illinois has 2 senators, all US states have two senators.

Who wew the 2 US senators in 1944?

All states have two US Senators.

a US Senators term is 6 years.

Each US State has two US Senators.

Each State has two US Senators.

Every US State has two Senators.

Every state has 2 US Senators.

There are 100 US Senators, two for each state. You probably mean to ask who are the two US Senators for some state.

True, there are 100 US senators because there are 2 senators for 50 states.

There are 59 State Senators and two US Senators.

Two US Senators and 33 State Senators.

Every US state has 2 US Senators, for a total of 100.

Like every US State, Alaska has two US Senators.

Every US state, including Illinois, has two US senators.

There are 100 US senators. The US congress is made up of two chambers.

As of 2013, the two US senators from Pennsylvania are Bob Casey, Jr. and Pat Toomey. Each state is has 2 senators. And, the US has a total of 100 senators in the Congress.

There are 100 senators. In the U.S

Wyoming has two US Senators in the US Congress, as does every other US state.

There are two senators for each state, so 100.

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