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Birds and airplanes both have wings.

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Q: What do birds and airplanes have the same?
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Can birds fly higher than planes?

Birds and planes can fly at the same height, as high as 10,000 feet. However, airplanes can fly higher than that while birds cannot.

How are airplanes wings like birds wings?


What kind of birds jump out of airplanes?

Parrot Troopers!

Are airplanes and gliders the same?

All gliders are airplanes, but not all airplanes are gliders.

What do birds and airplanes have in common that contribute to their ability to fly?


What are some differences between birds and airplanes?

To start off, birds flap their wings to propel themselves forward whereas airplanes propel themselves forward using a propeller that spins around. Airplanes use wires (both electrical and cables) to maneuver. Birds twist their wings to maneuver. Airplanes also have lights to show their orientation and location. Birds on the other hand have no lights because they really don't need them! Airplanes are made out of metal which doesn't repair itself it it gets broken or injured like a bird does. Airplanes need aviation fuel to run where birds just get their energy from seeds, bugs..etc. hope that helped

What are similarities between birds and airplanes?

Birds uses their wing and tail parts as control surface to turn pitch yaw.airplanes also provided with some control surfaces to wing , tail to do the same operation.

What are airplanes like in air?

They are like giant birds flying in the air.

What are fairy flies predators?

hawks airplanes and some kind of birds

How are airplanes and hovercrafts different and the same?

airplanes are the same thing as hovercrafts... but only hovercrafts have a louder engine

Why did humans model airplanes after the flight of birds?

What other example would they follow?

Why are birds and airplanes streamlined?

so that they can slip through the air while flying.

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