What do boogers taste like?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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They taste squishy, and sometimes have a little texture like sand.

i used to pick mine when i was like 2-4 i remember them tasting salty slimey odd and the way they smell somehow reminds me of puke

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Q: What do boogers taste like?
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Why does children eat their boogers?

because boogers have salt and they like the salt taste but,it's still pretty nasty let me think no it's DISGUSTING!

Is it weird that you like to taste your boogers?

Maybe if you had an IQ above 20 i'd answer that question.

Why can people eat boogers?

Because it may taste good to them.

Why are eye boogers called eye boogers?

They are formed by durt around your eyes please like my ANSWER

Why are your boogers black and green and look like seaweed?

How do you know boogers are that color. You probably pick your nose!. Your nasty!

Who does ferb like?

Boogers resource kimi

How did gabrielino get food?

Answer it! P.S.they like boogers(:

What is the fear of boogers called?

There is no word for the fear of boogers

Do children have boogers?

Everyone has boogers.

How many boogers can a person eat before its unhealthy?

According to an on-line health website the average person can never get unhealthy no matter how many boogers they eat. It's all science. Boogers don't have a taste or special ingredients so that makes it impossible for it to be unhealthy. However, it is still bad because 1: The whole point of boogers it all the chemicals and bacteria in your nasal is pushing it out through your nose and if you eat boogers it is just sending it back through the system. And 2: It is utterly disgusting.

Are boogers salty?

okay well... if you did ever eat your boogers which is really gross... you can answer that question on your own smart one

How do dogs get boogers?

Just like humans dogs have mucus in their nose to hep protect from harmful bacteria, ect. Just like ours, their mucus eventually dries up creating boogers.