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The interviewer, during the interview is going to ask questions that pertain to the job or attitude of the interviewee. The interviewee is going to want to answer questions in a way that will get them hired if it is for a job interview.

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Q: What do both the interviewer and the interview subject want in an interview?
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What is extended interview?

Extended interview is a type of interview where in the interviewer is interested in you and want to know more about you and your background.

What is final interview?

the final interview is the final round interview, in which the interviewer asks all that he or she may want, and is the last step before the person is hired by the company.

How do you use interview in a sentence?

It kinda depends on what context you want to use it in. An example would be: I'm an Interviewer for this newspaper company. Can I get a word from you?

In an interview if they ask me what is your plan what answer will I give?

ANSWER: Tell the interviewer that you want to be of service to the company and that you will give your best to be the employee that they need.

How do you answer why you want this job in a job interview?

Tell them that you see this as your chance to nurture your talent. Tell the interviewer that you believe that you can do well in their company.

How would you answer 'Why do you want a sales position' in a job interview?

There is no right or wrong way to answer why you want a sales position. You should just be honest and tell the interviewer the truth.

Why you are attracted to business?

If you are asked this question during an interview you want to make sure you answer it by telling the interviewer how you can contribute to the business. You also want to highlight what draws you to the discipline of business management.

What do you ultimately want to become?

Often times during a job interview you will be asked what you ultimately want to become. This helps the interviewer understand where your headed and whether or not the company is a good fit for you.

Example of strength and weakness?

If you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses during a job interview, focus on the weaknesses first. You want to leave the interviewer with the memory of your strengths.

Tell me about yourself in call center interview?

In any job interview, you might have to tell the interviewer about yourself. You don't want to ramble on, disclosing personal information. Instead, focus on highlights that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Why you apply this job?

During a job interview, the interviewer may ask you why you applied for the position. You do not want to state the obvious, such as for income to support a family. What employers want to know if what about the particular position appeals to you.

Can job interview ask about short term disability?

as the interviewee you shouldn't show the interviewer you want to put too much emphasis the fact you want to know about all the benefits of the company in the first few interviews. the interviewer wants to know that you are interested in the position/company and everything they have to offer vs just what benefits they have -- even if this is really important to you, its important you don't want to show the interviewer that's all your interested in

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