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What do cadets say about the Citadel?


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citadel- a fortress in a city.


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Most military schools refer to their students as cadets. Attending one of them makes you a cadet. Military colleges (Texas A&M, VMI, Citadel, VPI) refer to members of the Corps as cadets. ROTC for the various branches may refer to their students as cadets or midshipmen (Navy).

He is in Citadel (/join citadel). As soon as you reach the Citadel map, the wizard that you say standing there is Murry.

That's a highly disputed and opinionated question. But the Citadel is better, although i am biaised on saying that. The Citadel has a beautiful location, deep tradition with southern flavor. VMI cadets may be a bit more restricted. Very similar schools, but the major difference, as far as i can tell, is the location.

The very first weapon fired was a ceremonial cannon from The Citadel. Cadets from the college dragged the cannon out to the waterfront where South Carolina militia were threatening to fire on Fort Sumter. The cadets fired on the fort and the Union forces fired back. The militia joined in and managed to set the fort afire. One Union soldier was killed. The fort surrendered, marking the beginning of the war. The Citadel cadets today remain proud of starting the shooting in the Civil War.

now generally there is no difference between these two words but we can say that Castle is smaller than citadel Citadel is the place which contains the castle cause we can imagine a citadel contains village and castle

This would depend on what you think, this is a personal opinion question. however people like The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles did say "Air Cadets is the Biggest and best Organisation out of all the cadets" But yet again it's opinion Well being a corporal in army cadets but my opinion would be to pick army cadets but air cadets are just as good as army cadets with the bonus that air cadets get the chance to fly helicopters!

The collective noun for cadets is a corp of cadets.

the citadel was very strong. People love to visit citadel and forts.

There's Sea Cadets, Army Cadets, Air Cadets and Marine Cadets and various other non-military cadet organizations.

No, Air Cadets do everything the army cadets do, (Shooting, Drill, Camps, etc.) and more, The Air Cadets do all of those things as well as flying.

Girl Scouts in the US in grades 6 to 8 are called Girl Scout Cadettes. There are other types of Cadets, such as an Air Force Academy Cadet, and yes, girls may be that kind of cadet also. Yes, Girls can be in cadets, for instance: Air Cadets, Army Cadets, Marine Cadets, Sea/Navy Cadets or cadets which are non-military such as Girl Scouts etc.

just type in: /join citadel

No you don't because sea cadets will let everyone go to sea cadets

The address of the Citadel is: Dept Of History The Citadel, Charleston, SC 29409

The citadel was huge.The citadel was almost impossible to conquer. Almost.Nobody could break the citadel's defences for hundreds of years.Until the British Empire showed up and cracked the walls of the citadel as if it was a sandcastle.

My dad and i are building a citadel in my tree.

a citadel is a big gigantic castle fortress

The Citadel is located in the state of South Carolina.

Citadel LLC's population is 1,400.

Citadel LLC was created in 1990.

Cadets is about giving young people some structure and discipline in their lives. For young people who intend to join the military, cadets is a beginning. -If you don't like cadets, you will definitely not like the military.

No... Cadets is no alternative to your education.

most castles have a citadel to protect it from attacks

The castle had a citadel to protect it from attacks.

A Citadel is the Salvation Army's place of Worship

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