What do cobras eat?

Updated: 11/13/2022
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Cobras eat mainly other snakes, but they'll eat lizards, SOME frogs, and small mammals like mongoose.
Small animals such as frogs, rats and mice.

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they eat rats

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Q: What do cobras eat?
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Where do cobras live and what do they eat?

cobras eat frogs and mices

Can king cobras eat bats?

No, bats eat king cobras

What do cobras eat the most?

Rodents Cobras actually eat other snakes mainly, but eat rodents on occasion.

Do King Cobras eat other king cobras?

Yes they do

What do cobras not eat?

cobras don't really eat big creatures of such, but it can poison a big creature and eat another snake

Do cobras eat meat?

In many Cartoons it shows cobras trying to eat humans. And in a documantry it said... yes.

Do cobras have enemis?

Yes. The mongoose, and some cobras are cannibals, and eat other.

Do a king snake eat cobras?

No the cobra can eat it to

Do people eat cobra?

Do people eat cobras

What are the cobras predator?

Mongoose. Some cobras are cannibals, and eat each other, as well.

Do King Cobras eat Anacondas?

no no no no no

Do king cobras eat spiders?