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Cobras eat mainly other snakes, but they'll eat lizards, SOME frogs, and small mammals like mongoose.
Small animals such as frogs, rats and mice.

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Can king cobras eat bats?

No, bats eat king cobras

What do cobras eat the most?

Rodents Cobras actually eat other snakes mainly, but eat rodents on occasion.

What predators eat king cobras?

Mongoose and birds of prey both eat king cobras.

What do cobras not eat?

cobras don't really eat big creatures of such, but it can poison a big creature and eat another snake

Do cobras eat meat?

In many cartoons it shows cobras trying to eat humans. And in a documantry it said... yes.

Do cobras have enemis?

Yes. The mongoose, and some cobras are cannibals, and eat other.

Do a king snake eat cobras?

No the cobra can eat it to

What are the cobras predator?

Mongoose. Some cobras are cannibals, and eat each other, as well.

What does cobras eat?

they eat snakes,mice,frogs,and reptiles

What do Indian cobras eat?

They eat rodents, lizards and frogs.

Do pythons eat cobras?

no because pythons live in south America and cobras live in Africa

Do Peacocks eat all type of snakes?

no,but it can even eat cobras

Do king cobras eat tigers?

no! tigers will eat the king cobra!

Can cobras eat cars?

No they do not eat cars.

What do Egyptian cobras eat?

Egyptian cobras have a varied diet. The snakes eat small animals such as rabbits, eggs, birds, frogs, and also other snakes.

Do cobras like other cobras?

Like as in dinner? The answer is yes. They do eat other snakes including their own kind.

What do spitting cobras eat?

they eat lizards, rodents, snakes, frogs, and birds

Are king cobras a predator?

YES definetley they will eat you just like you will eat them!

How often do king cobras eat?

King cobra's eat non stop.

What kind of plants do king cobras eat?

Snakes are carnivorous, they do not eat plants.

Where do cobras live and what do eat?

they live in asia and india and they eat other snakes

Why do cobras eat other cobras?

Cobras look at other snakes, even cobras, as food. They are the main prey item of the king cobra.

Why are mongooses and cobras natural enemies?

This is because mongooses are immune to the cobras venom and they eat anything they can. So when they see a cobra....

Can king cobras eat deers?

No. King Cobras eat smaller animals including snakes. They also eat animals such as rat snakes, Mangrove Snakes, sizable pythons, rats, lizards, rodents, etc.

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