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Comets contain lost of ice particles

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comets contain iron and other metals.

comets contain iron and other metals.

They are often referred to as 'dirty ice balls.' So I would say that they are mostly made of water and contain only a little bit of dirt.

Yes, they are nick-named 'dirty snowballs' and also contain rocks. What you see as the comet's tail is the ice melting because of the sun. When the comet returns to outer space the tail is no longer present. Gradually, the comets reduce in size because of this melting.

Most likely there are least some comets with water ice in them. Maybe some contain frozen methane. I wonder if that would be called, "Ice."

They contain a lot of numbers. They also contain a lot of formulas.

Comets are like mini planets only unable to sustain life and a lot smaller.

Comets are small bodies in the Solar System that, when passing close to the Sun, heat up and begin to outgas. Comets are composed of rock, dust, water ice and frozen gases.

Comets do as the sun melts some of the ice they contain.

Yes, comets contain more ice than metals and gases.

Comets come from the coldest parts of the universe and contain ice and organic materials. Scientists believe that impacts from comets on earth are responsible for contributing to organic materials and possibly life on earth.

Because comets are bright, beautiful and fun to watch. Oh, and also because studying comets can tell us a lot about how the solar system developed, and how the universe began.

There are a number of different hypotheses about the source of the Earth's water, but I believe that the water on our planet was brought by comets. Earlier in the Earth's history, comets collided with the Earth and comets contain a large amount of ice.

The main difference is in their makeup. Asteroids are metallic and contain rocky material, while comets usually consist of ice, dust, and rock.

Many astronomers think comets date from the founding of the Solar System. They contain the same elements in the same percentages as the early earth.

They are alike because they both orbit the Sun. They both usually contain rocky material. In comets the material is not so compacted and is often called "dust".

Stars, Planets, Asteroids, Gasses, Comets, Supernovas, Blackholes, Dwarf stars!!!!

Mostly Ice, but can contain other space debris (Dust Particles and the like)

Comets, though they may contain other elements.

No. While comets contain some rock, they are mostly made of ice.

There are many superstitions that comets, asteroids, and meteors are signs of the end of the world. If you research history, you can find that a lot of comets coincide with natural disasters. This has been a big reason that some people believe comets are a sign of doomsday. Again, this is a superstition. The Bible identifies apostates with comets and asteroids.

Comets contain various types of ice (water and also other frozen liquids or gases) which sublime to vapor when the comet approaches the inner solar system.

They are similar in size and both orbit the sun directly. Comets contain a lot more ice, its composition is more like a dirty snowball, while an asteroid is more like a rock. The asteroids are generally closer to the sun, while comets originate from far out beyond Neptune, on the edge of the solar system and have been deflected off their large orbits into highly eccentric orbits that occasionally take them close to the sun.

comets are mostly made up of ice but there are a couple that do contain small amount of rock.