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Q: What do constituents expect from their Congressmen?
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How can voters influence congressmen?

The most effective way for a citizen to influence congressional voting on legislation is to vote for a candidate who shares their views. They can also contact their representative to voice their opinions.

What are two things voters could do to influence their congressmen?

Send letters, some have people who take calls. Vote and organize some of their constituents to send letters and vote.

How the Congressmen will vote to tax the wealthy if they are part of that 1 percent?

The only way they WILL vote FOR increasing personal income taxes is if their voting constituents demand that they do so AND they properly represent the will of their voting constituents. The other condition in which they WILL (begrudgingly) vote FOR increasing personal income taxes is when they believe they will NOT win re-election if they do NOT vote as the majority of their constituents want them to vote. That fear sometimes causes politician to represent their constituents properly.

What are the names of people of the legislative branch?

The legislative or law making branch of the federal government is Congress. Congress has two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The people who are elected by constituents in their individual states are known as Congressmen and Senators.

What is the possessive form of this noun congressmen?

The possessive form for the noun congressmen is congressmen's.Example:The congressmen's luncheon is scheduled for one o'clock.The congressmen's offices are on the second floor.

What is the number of congressmen delermined by?

Number of congressmen determined by

What acid and base will you expect to find a constituent of baking soda?

NaOH sodium hydroxide and H2CO3 carbonic acid may be constituents of baking soda.

Why cant the number of congressmen be reduced?

becasue congressmen is REDUCED

Who is the congressmen of phelan?

The congressmen of Phelan California is YO MAMMA!

What is the primary job of Congressmen?

The primary job of a Congressmen is to make laws.

How many Congressmen does Connecticut have?

Connecticut has 2 Senators and 5 Congressmen.

The voters in a distric are called?