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Crayfish do not breathe air they breathe water


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they breathe out of their gills

To breathe. . .They live UNDERWATER

Something that looks quite similar to a fish's gills.

It is important that the gills of a crayfish give them a large surface area because it helps the crayfish to breathe. The bigger the surface area, the more oxygen in the crayfishes system.Ê

Because they breathe through gills.(air must pass through them)

These creatures are a like because they both have antennas. They are different because grasshoppers breath through little spirals, but crayfish breathe normaly.antenna, madible, walking legs

gills, no matter what animal, allow the organism to syphon off the oxygen in the water, and bring it into their bloodstream. Crayfish need them to breathe underwater, just like any fish.

Crayfish are mostly aquatic, unlike grasshoppers, who live on land. Crayfish also have two pairs of antennae, and grasshoppers only have one pair. Crayfish breathe via their gills, and grasshoppers have lungs.cray fish have claws/ live in water or most area grasshopper live in grassland have stong hind legs

That depends largely on the species of crayfish, but as a general rule, yes, crayfish can breath air as long as their gills are wet. Most cannot be out of the water for more than about 20 minutes.

Crayfish can breathe under water. It is not a good to pull them out of the water to often. They can become stressed and die. Provide plenty of hiding spots that can not be accessed by aggressive fish.

no craw fish do not they have gills like fish and get there oxygen from the water but you do need a air pump so oxygen will get into the water

No; a crayfish is a crayfish, and a kangaroo is a kangaroo. The crayfish is an invertebrate and a crustacean, and the kangaroo is a mammal, specificially a marsupial.

No. They breathe with gills. But they can walk around in the air for a short time because they can hold onto a little water in their gill area.

Crayfish are either crayfish or yabbies. Yabbies are the freshwater crayfish found in inland creeks and dams.

My older crayfish died and my littler crayfish has not yet how do/can they die?

Crayfish are omnivores.

why do the crayfish fight

Do crayfish have tarritoris

what is the texture of crayfish

No. Crayfish are invertebrates.

Crayfish are related to small lobsters. Here is a link for pictures of crayfish.

Yes, a crayfish is a detritivore

crayfish live in water

Yes, crayfish are arthropods.

No, a crayfish is not a mollusk. It is an arthropod.

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