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there not very big.But they can be a verity of colors.Like black,brown,green,yellow,blue,pink,and purple. So if you see a crayfish it could be blue with a little pink on the bottom of the shell.

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What does dragon fly look like crayfish?

if your question is why does a dragon fly look like a crayfish? they don't look the same at all. the crayfish looks like a lobster but that is it.

Does a crayfish look like a crab?

Crayfish are related to small lobsters. Here is a link for pictures of crayfish.

What do crayfish look like and eat?

Crayfish look like small version of New England type of Lobsters. They live in fresh and brackish waters depending on the species. They will eat anything that is meaty, including worms, leaches, larvae or their specialty, sleeping fish.

What does a crayfish home look like?

like a pile of mud with a hole in the center

What does a crayfish eye look like?

A crayfish eye looks like a beanie baby animal's eye. It looks like a tiny little black pebble. The eyes stick out of the side of the crayfish's head.

What do crayfish eggs look like?

Little balls connected together and there are millions of them. -Janessa Swanda

Who is the lobsters cousin?

I suppose you could call the crayfish the cousin of the lobster. Crayfish certainly look like lobsters. But they are fresh water animals and lobsters are salt water creatures.

Do crayfish shed their skin?

Yes, a crayfish sheds their skin which completely looks like a real crayfish.

Antenna of a crayfish?

Yes the antenna on a crayfish are there. But they are there to sensor things when the crayfish are moving. Sort of like a snakes tongue.

Is crayfish a vertebate?

No, the crayfish is basically a miniature breed of lobster. Crayfish have exoskeletons like crabs and insects. That is what holds them together.

What is the most popular food in Louisana that look like munchkin lobsters?

paw paws, crayfish, or red sliders

Where would you find a crayfish?

You can find crayfish at stores,internet,seas,lakes,and at ponds.when you are finding crayfish on your own, ALWAYS look under rocks and in holes by the shore.

What makes a crayfish a crustacean?

bcuz i like cheese and crayfish eat monkeys, spiders, and zombies

Do crayfish fight with other crayfish?

Just like any other living thing ... Yes .

What do crayfish like and dislike?

you are poo

What animal is like a crayfish?

The lobster

Are Crayfish like Hermit crabs?


What does a crayfish look like?

they have lots of legs and compound eyes that pop out. They also have two pincers and 5 parts of their tail flaps.

What is the advantage of an eye at the end of a stalk in crayfish?

It allows the crayfish to burrow into the river bed and leave its eyes protruding to look for danger.

What eat crayfish?

Many things eat crayfish like sea eagles, sharks and larger fish

What body covering do crayfish have?

Crayfish are crustaceans, and therefore have a shell-like outer covering called an exoskeleton.

How do yabbies crustaceans look like?

"Yabby" is the Australian term for the small freshwater crustaceans that are called "crayfish" or "crawdads" in the rest of the English speaking world. They look like small lobsters and live in rivers and streams.

What do you do to find your crayfish?

look for a trail of moss or look in wet and dark areas This has happened to most people but even if you dont find them it's ok their only like a dollar.

What do crayfish feel like?

their exoskeleton is hard and looks and feels like a shell. it looks protective, and that is it's main function in a crayfish, to protect them from predators.

Are crayfish poisonous?

Crayfish are not poisonous, though some may get you with their big claws. But it only feels like a pinch.

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