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Embryos dont need to survive.

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Q: What do developing embryos require for survival?
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What is the source of nourishment for developing fish embryos is?

what is the source of nourishment for developing fish embryos?

What is the relationship between the number of embryos produced by a mating and their chances of survival?

The higher number of embryos produces, the lower their chances of survival.

What two things do all developing embryos need?

Two thing embryos need are nutrients and protection

What body system nutures and protects developing embryos?

The female reproductive system nurtures and protects developing embryos. The circulatory and endocrine systems also have a role in this nurture and protection.

Where do developing embryos of animals get their food from?

If the animal comes from an egg it will get its nutrients from the yolk. If it is a mammal it will get it from the umbilical cord.

What would two developing embryos that contained the same genetic code look like?

Identical twins.

Why do tiger shark embryos fight each other in their mother's womb?

i think it is because to see who is the survival one.

How do snakes have live births?

Instead of laying eggs, the developing embryos form and grow inside the female snake, and are 'born' when their time is ready.

Are eggs produced by hens at a commercial egg farm fertilized at all by a male?

No. If that were to happen, there would be embryos (baby chicks) developing inside, so......

What are the bacteria and virus that depend on the sunlight for their survival?

Viruses do not require sunlight for their survival. But certain photosynthetic bacteria such as Cyanobacteria require sunlight to perform photosynthesis.

What does it mean if your hands are curling in all the time?

You may have a delayed case of Spina Bifida (usually present in developing embryos) Seek medical attention uregently

Mustard gas removes guanine from DNA for developing embryos exposure to mustard gas can cause serious deformities because guanine?

is part of the genetic code