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What do dreams symbolize?

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they mean absolutely noting at all

it all depends on what you are dreaming about. All dreams are different so they have different meanings to them. So if you are dreaming about being invisible it might mean that no one notices you, it is your self conscious telling you or showing you how you really feel while you're asleep.

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What does a moth symbolize in dreams?

what does a moth symbolize in dreams?

What do dreams symbolize in literature?


What do blue whales symbolize?

In dreams, Blue Whales usually symbolize healing, or peace

I keep having dreams about squirrels and they are rather strange what do the squirrels symbolize?

Dreams about rodents symbolize the part of your personality that is characteristic of the rodent. Perhaps hoarding/storing for the future? Preparation?

What does driving backwards in dreams mean andor symbolize?

Driving backwards in a dream can symbolize many things. It can symbolize your fear of looking back into the past for example.

Do dreams have meaning?

Absolutely. Some people say that dreams reflect on what has happened in your day. If you type in Dream Interpretation on google, it will tell you what your dreams symbolize.

What do feather tattoos symbolize?

Feather tattoos can symbolize a great many things like dreams. Feathers can also symbolize things in nature that are important to you like animals.

What does Jonathan symbolize in Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

JOnathan symbolizes Dreams

What does a black wolf symbolize in dreams?

it means that you have a gulty conscient that you have to clear

What do sweet foods often symbolize in religiouus festivals?

dreams and visions

Do people in your dreams symbolize anything in your lives?

Yes, some settings and people in your dreams symbolize things in real life, most times important ones. The people and events in your dreams usually reflect something that happened recently or something you were thinking about (in your brain). Hope it helped!!

What does an attacking wolf symbolize in dreams?

I have had simalier dreams it could mean you feel depresed or streesed.It could mean your cornered or angrey.

What does a dream catcher symbolize?

Hi i believe they symbolize Good dreams. Native Americans Hang them above where their heads would be when they sleep. During the night the dream catcher acts as a filter of dreams. it allows good dreams to pass through to you and catches the Bad dreams (like a bug in a spiders web) and prevents them from getting to you. then when the morning sun hits them all the bad dreams are cleansed from the dream catcher.

What do whales symbolize in dreams?

Whales symbolize something very very big. Compare the dream with common expressions such as, "It was a whale of a party," or "his car is as big as a whale!"

What does a leprechaun figure symbolize in your dreams?

It means you watched the movie leprechaun one to many times

What do amethysts symbolize?

Amethyst has often been know as a stone of protection and a source of sweet dreams.

What does it mean when a friend dreams of you in handcuffs?

Dreams are about the dreamer. In this dream, "you" symbolize some part of the dreamer's own personality that needs to be controlled or restrained. The dream is not about you in any way.

What does star tattoo on hand symbolize?

The meaning of a star tattoo on the hand depends on the context and the individual person. They can symbolize anything from gang affiliation, to a reminder to stay focused on your dreams.

What does lightening symbolize?

lightening symbolises loss of ignorance. In dreams lightening is a symbol of a terrible event and negativity.

What does a boardwalk symbolize in dreams?

To dream that you are on a boardwalk symbolizes your 'life path'. It represents your social circle and lifestyle.

What does it means if someone dreamed that you are pregnant?

Dreams are about the dreamer's thoughts and feelings. In the other person's dream, "you" could symbolize the dreamer herself, and her own feelings about pregnancy. Dreams are not evidence of pregnancy, particularly 2nd hand dreams.

What do rat dreams mean?

Rats are universally regarded as vermin and usually symbolize a problem or an enemy in dreams. It probably means you are being chased by the one's who you think are disgusting or pettiful.

What does colorful butterfly symbolize in dreams?

One interpretation of a dream with a colorful butterfly is that you will make a positive impression at a future social gathering. Butterflies also can symbolize creativity, romance, and spirituality.

What does it mean when you rarely see faces in your dreams and when you do it's usually males?

It has no particular meaning at all. Many people only remember vague, indistinct impressions from dreams. If you are male, the males in your dreams probably symbolize aspects of yourself.

What does the airplane charm on your mood necklace symbolize?

I used to think the airplane on a charm necklace was the 'belief in yourself'. It is the dreams you have.