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Environmental scientists study the natural environment and how it is affected by human activities. They investigate various aspects of the environment, such as air and water quality, soil health, biodiversity, climate change, and the impact of pollution and resource use. They use scientific methods and data analysis to understand and address environmental problems and develop solutions for sustainable management practices.

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They study a range of issues related to the environment. Climate gases, what percentage each gas occupies in the atmosphere, temperature changes and how that affects the environment, soil runoff, marine ecosystems, the inter-relationships between ecosystems. The effect of ocean currents on land temperatures, the effect of land run off on marine ecosystems. There are many different areas that can be called environmental science.

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Q: What do enviromental scientists study?
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What is enviromental science?

Enviromental Science is where scientists study nature and its' inhabitants. They also study about pollution and other factors which change nature such as acid rain and erosion. Hope this help :)

What is an example of enviromental science?

An example of Environmental Science would be where scientists study about acid rain or pollution.

What is Enviromental Scientists average salary?

around $65,280.

Importance of studying enviromental science?

Enviromental science is the study of how human activities affect earth's land,air,water,and living things.

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Enviromental geograghy is the study of animals an how nature grows

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