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Q: What do felony arm-25 mean?
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What does felony bound over mean?

What does felony BOUND OVER TO CPC mean

What does felony bound over cpc mean?

What does felony BOUND OVER TO CPC mean

What does the letters behind a Felony mean?

The letters that follow a felony are the degrees of the felony crime. A felony 6 is the lowest felony with a 1 being the highest.

What does non capital felony mean?

A felony that does not have the possibility of the death sentence as a consequence.

Is marijuana a felony?

Yes it can be an then It can't be. By that I mean If you sell this drug you are therefore going to be convicted of a felony< if you get caught with this drug in a non packaged form then its not a felony.

What does a class u felony in Virginia mean?


What does warrant severity Z or F mean?


If you have felony arrest does that mean I'm a felon?

No, not until you are actually found guilty of a felony charge, are you actually a convicted felon.

Does FECR mean felony in Code of Iowa?

FECR = felony criminal AGCR = aggravated criminal SRCR = serious criminal

What does class of felony mean?

A felony is when you commit a "supposedly small" civil crime and instead of being a charge such as murder, it could be charges of theft or burgulury. A rape is also a felony

What does it mean when a felony case is called?

A felony case is called when someone is charged with what the law considers a serious crime. There are three phases of a felony case: Arraignment (the preliminary hearing), the Second Arraignment (felony pre-trial), and Felony Trial (where a jury will hear the case).

Does having a felony mean you cannot purchase guns?

Yes, you can not. Being denied ownership of or access to firearms is a consequence of a felony conviction.

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