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you can get pellet food for crabs ( like HBH crab & lobster bites) at most aquarium/fish shops.. they also eat freeze dried or frozen bloodworms (some prefer frozen), you can give them a slice of fresh fruit or veggies (zuccini or cumber) every now and then as a treat.

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Q: What do fiddler crabs eat when pets?
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Do fiddler crabs eat baby fiddler crabs?

No but they eat dead fiddler crabs.

What do fiddler eat?

they eat humans fiddler crabs eat other smaller crabs

What do fiddler crabs eat other than crab food?

Fiddler Crabs eat Plankton.

Can you hold fiddler crabs if they are pets?


Can you keep crabs as pets?

Yes you can keep crabs as can buy fiddler crabs and hermit crabs in most pet and aquarium stores.

What do Fiddler Crabs From North Carolina Eat?

they eat mole crabs

Fiddler crabs eat?


What do baby fiddler crabs eat?


Do fiddler crabs eat plankton?


Can humans eat fiddler crabs?


Do Fiddler crabs only eat plankton?


Are fiddler crabs better pets than hermit crabs?

It is all up to you. I like hermit crabs better, though.

What do fiddler crabs eat?

they eat freeze dried plankton

Do fiddler crabs eat their babies?

yes they love them

Do fish eat crabs?

no I had two fiddler crabs and they caught one of the fish but no fish do not eat crab

How do fiddler crabs eat?

with there mouths oh no they don't they eat from their mouths

What decaying things does a fiddler crab eat?

Plants, fish, and sometimes other fiddler crabs.

What doe's a fiddler crab eat?

Fiddler crabs feed primarily on algae, fungus and bacteria.

Will dragon fish eat your fiddler crabs or their babies?

More likely the opposite, the crab will eat/kill your dragon fish. Plus fiddler crabs do not often reproduce in captivity.

What other things do fiddler crabs eat?

they eat freeze dried plankton.

What do Fiddler Crabs eat besides Plankton?

Frozen bloodworms

Do fiddler crabs eat dead fiddler crabs?

If it can be chewed then yes a crab will eat it. The are scavengers and will readily consume any easily obtained meal even it's own kind.

What is a fiddler crabs predator?

They occasionally eat other fiddler crab but are eaten by raccoons and shore birds.

How long can fiddler crabs go without food?

Fiddler crabs can go as long as a month without food, but will eat every day if food is available.

What do fiddler crabs eat as pets?

they can eat hermit crab food or frozen lobster thingys or sinking pellets also they eat algae and other microscopic organisms. you can find them at your local pet shops.