What do flamingos make their nests out of?

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mud and straw
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How do hornets make their nests?

Hornets make their nests out of chewed paper products or wood chipscombined with hornet saliva. A hornet's nest has the appearance ofan upside down tear-shaped ball. Nests are utilized only for oneseason.

Where do pregnant bunnies make their nest?

I had a liter of rabbits and when the mother was making a nest she pulled out her hair and tried to get my hair. Also she used hay that I gave her. You can get hay in almost every petstore where they sell rabbits.

Which Bird makes its nest on the ground?

Several birds are considered ground dwelling species. Birds thatmake their nest on the ground include game birds, shore birds,waterfowl, and song birds.

Do penguins make a nest?

It depends on the species. The Fairy penguin, or Little penguin, which is found along some of Australia's southern shores, lives in burrows in the sand dunes along the shoreline when it is not out hunting in the sea during the day. These birds return every night to their burrows. The Emperor p ( Full Answer )

How do geese make nests?

They gather grass and stuff together, pile it up, scoop out the middle, pull out some down and lay their eggs

Where do pregnant rabbits make the nest?

Rabbits usually make their nest somewhere it is dark, quiet, away from activity, and safe from harm. Pet rabbits can use a small cardboard or wooden box. Wild rabbits dig burrows underground and often make their nests in a stopped up room at the end of a tunnel.

How do birds make nests?

they cut off twigs, branches,leaves of trees with their claws. With spit, mud, and twigs... that is easy

What noise does a flamingo make?

The sound made by a flamingo is not nearly as beautiful as their appearance. It is one that is difficult to describe. It sounds something like a warbling squack.

How do you make a nest?

First you gather some bendy twigs, feathers and moss. . Next you weave the bendy twigs in to a half circle. . Whilst your weaving the twigs weave some feathers too. . After your finished weaving put some moss in too it not to much. . Last of all put it in a tree and wait record your answers on p ( Full Answer )

Does a flamingo build a nest?

yes, flamingos do build nests. If you go to a nearby zoo you'll see a LOT of flamingo nests.

Do turtles make nest and how does it make it?

Turtles are very timid animals , they wont make nests until u give them what they need , you need to put in some twigs and some straw , hay type stuff because of there feet they cant use anything too big , hope i helped :) and if u have a turtle i hope it makes a nest :)

Whhat makes a flamingo pink?

What makes a flamingo pink is the food it eats like shrimp considering shrimp is a pinkish color and also other pigments they eat.

Do elephants make nests?

No they are almost continually on the move throughout their habitat. They don't lay eggs either.

Why did my bunny make a nest and no babies?

Doe rabbits often have false pregnancies. If it has been over 30 days since you bred your rabbit and she built a nest but had no babies she had a false pregnancy. Next time you breed her let the buck 'hit' her 3 or 4 times. Then keep accurate records of due date. You can palpate your doe at 2 weeks ( Full Answer )

When do birds make their nests?

Normally in late winter or early spring in preparation for the spring/summer which is the best time to rear young.

What do you need to make a cockateil nest?

Go to your nearest bird or pet store and get a nesting or breeding box then get some shredded material, pine not cedar! But this is only surface info please please go and find more information on nesting cockatiel websites.

How do make a nesting box for rabbits?

Just about any type of box will do. You can use a crisp box or nappy box. Just make a hole big enough for her to go into and put it in the hutch. Put some sawdust and straw in it just as you would do in the hutch. She will add all the straw and fur that she needs, she makes the nest. We used an old ( Full Answer )

What food makes flamingos orange?

Flamingos eat large quantities of shrimp. .....Not. They eat Spirulina -- a species of algae found only in a few lakes in Africa, the main one being Lake Tanganyika, which is the second- largest freshwater lake in the world. Spirulina has a HUGE amount of carotenoids in it (several versions of v ( Full Answer )

What do rabbits make their nests out of?

When a rabbit makes a nest to give birth in they pluck there neck fur and there tummy fur and mix it in with hay they make it in a little circle kinda like a birds nest and then once they give birth the rabbit will then put more of her belly and neck fur on top of the kits

What materials do woodpecker use for making their nests and how do they make their nests?

Woodpeckers use sawdust or woodchips within their nests, as it provides them with protection. but if you place to much sawdust or too thick of ieces of woodchips in a woodpeckers house, if any nest in it, the fledgings are going to find it hard to breathe. many people belive that the drumming of a w ( Full Answer )

How do turtles make their nests?

Sea turtles dig the sand with their flippers, lay 50-200 eggs, cover the hole up, and leave the eggs. I think land turtles are nearly the same, too.

How do flamingos make birth?

The male flamingo (a bird) has sex with the female, she lays an egg, and a short time later, the baby flamingo hatches from the egg.

Do shrimp make flamingos pink?

Yes,it does and also other pigments because shrimp is pinkish so it turns flamingos pink they are originally white when they are born.

What do kestrels make their nests out off?

Kestrels will generally either find a hole to nest in - in a building or tree or cliff - or reuse the nests of other birds, for example crows. As far as I know they will never actually build a nest of their own from twigs and suchlike.

Where do garden mice make their nest?

Garden mice make their homes pretty much anywhere they feel they won't be disturbed. Mice don't fear humans, they just don't trust them, so make a nest where they think a human won't go. Favourites are under sheds, or at the back of sheds if the shed is overloaded. Long grass that has abandoned item ( Full Answer )

How does the emu make his nest?

The male emu builds the nest before attracting a female. It scratches up grass, twigs, leaves and bark on the ground, in grasslands or open bushland. The nest measures between one and two metres wide, and the walls are about ten centimetres thick.

What is use to make cuckoos nest?

A cuckoo does not make a nest, a cuckoo will lay an egg in another birds nest, the other bird will then care for the egg and chick as if it was it's own.

Where do flamingos build their nests?

Flamingos lay their eggs at the edge of the pond, lake or marsh that they are living in.They surround the eggs in mud,leaves and twigs.

Do peguins make nests?

types of penguins build nests, these may only be made up of a pile of rocks or scrapings or sometimes just hollows in the dirt. In the case of emperor penguins who do not build nests; males hold the egg on top of their feet under a fold of skin called a brood patch.

How do betta make bubble nest?

You will know when it is a bubble nest when the male makes a ton of bubbles at the surface. The male will go to the surface ant take a gulp of air,mix it with some saliva in his mouth that makes the bubble strong then blows the bubble. He will do this over and over until there are like 400 bubbles. ( Full Answer )

What kind of nests do they make?

Ospreys like to make dome shaped nests in urban areas or near the sea, but they are willing to live in a man-made artificial nest, too.

How do you make a nest in knight of the dragon?

You can't make a nest in it silly! Knight of the dragon is made with a nest of eggs. If your a knight you go to the nest to turn into a dragon. (Cheats are possible on knight of the dragon, my name is Fire Don't forget it :P)

Does peacock makes nest?

No, the peacock has nothing to do with the nest or the young when they hatch. The peahen usually selects a safe area near a tree or under brush. There is no debris or nest material at all, she will actually clear the area and lay her eggs.

Where does eagle make its nest?

An eagle makes its nest on high heights. Ex. tops of trees, cliffs, tops of buildings, towers, etc.

Where do kiwi make their nests?

To make its nest, the kiwi digs a burrow or takes over a pre-existing burrow, often in slopes. The nest is then lined with grass, leaves and moss. The kiwi may camouflage the entrance by dragging leaves and sticks across, once they are inside.

How does vulture make its nest?

it makes the use of feathers ,moss,sticks and straws to make the nest .it makes in the places like between branches of trees and other high places

Does the food flamingos eat make them pink?

Yes. Flamingos' pink coloration derives from pigments called carotenoids, which are the basis of red/pink/orange coloration in a variety of animals. These pigments cannot be generated by animals, but originate in photosynthetic organisms (plants, algae, some fungi and bacteria) and are then passed f ( Full Answer )

What makes flamingos endangered?

Flamingos are not endagered they say they are but there not.But there numbers are dropping quite quiqly so that makes people say that there endagerd