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if your friend really likes you then you should feel the same way and if your friend acts really mean to you he/she does not want to be your friend so you wouldn't want to be his/her friend.

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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: What do friends mean to you?
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If Your Mean to Your Friends would You lose Friends and What will they do to You?

If you mean to your friends, you will lose friends and they will also be mean to you.

What does more than friends mean?

what does more than friends mean

At School I Hangout With My Friends But The Next Day They Dont Hangout With Me I just Hangout With My 2 Best Friends that are mean To me sometimes?

It is best to hang out with friends who aren't mean to you. Friends who are mean to you are not your friends.

What is top friends?

top friends mean best friends

Can friends be mean?

Well yes your friends can be mean but its only because they know it bothers you, and then there are people that you think are your friends but aren't, they may be mean because they actually mean it. Either way its not okay.

What does fb friends mean?

Facebook Friends!!!

What does fofoa mean?

friends of friends of America

Can friends make out and stay friends?

Yes, that can mean you're still just friends but it may mean it's more than friends but less than a relationship.

Why are his friends so mean to me?

Well, If he is ur boy friend and his friends r mean tell him.

Do your friends mean the world to you?

Friends AND family, yes.

What does a man mean about his sexuality when he says he has lots of men friends?

It may mean he is gay or it may mean that he has a lot of friends who are men.

Does Chums mean friends?

Yes, chums means friends, sometimes close friends

What does it mean when your boyfriends friends say mean things and he laughs along?

He loves his friends more than you.

What does tienes amigos mean in English?

i think, "do you have friends?" or "you have friends".

What does it mean if a boy is nice to you?

It means your friends nothing but friends

What does choose your friends wisely mean?

It means be careful who you are friends with

What do dreams about imaginary Friends mean?

it means u r sad and have no friends

Why is friends so mean?

Friends typically are not mean, they just speak their mind too much to a person that they trust, giving off the impression that they are mean.

This guy he smiles me helps me and sometime tries to start a conver but sometimes it seems he is mean and ignores me and laughs at me but says your name all the time what does this mean?

If he smiles at you when he is not with your friends, I think he likes you. If hes mean to you when he is with his friends he is being pressured into being mean to you by his friends.

What does Friends with beneifits mean?

Friends with benefits are friends that have sexual intercourse without the emotional constraints of a relationship.

What does it mean if a guy says to a girl friends then?

it means he wants to be friends.

What does it mean when a boy says were not friends?

it means y'all aren't friends

What does it mean when a guy tries to become friends with your friends?

He is trying to get close to you

Why are your friends so mean?

Your friends are probably mean that's why your bringing up this subject in the first place....ouch faded...

Why do mean people say your black friends are monkeys?

Because they (the 'mean people') are rude and racist pigs. Do you really need, or want, people like that (the mean people) as friends? Stick with your black friends, you'll be better off.