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What do geologist studies?


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Geologist studies rocks an fossils.


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A geologist studies Earth's structure

A person who studies the Earth is called a geologist. A geologist mainly studies the origin of the Earth, its structure and composition.

A geologist studies rock formations. A seismologist studies earthquakes.

A geologist studies earthquakes.

A planetary geologist studies the geology of planets.

That is the correct spelling of "geologist" (studies rocks and their formation).

A geologist studies the earth structure.

A person who studies geology is a geologist.

A geologist is a scientist that studies the Earth.

Someone who studies the earth is called a geologist....

A geologist studies rocks, minerals, and physical structure of a particular area. A gemologist studies gems and gemstones.

person that studies Earth or rocks

I believe it is a geologist

a geologist is a scientist who studies rocks.

one who studies the earth

A Geologist, or a Geophisist.

A geologist studies the Earth. They study the Earth's materials, its landforms, and its histories. They also studies the physical planets aspect or the natural occurrences.

Someone who studies volcanoes is called a "volcanologist"

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and earth.

A geologist is a person who studies rocks.

A petrologist (which is a special type of geologist).

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