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Butterflies nomatter what size will eat sugar water. take two teaspoons of sugar mix it in a cup of water and squirt a little on a flower but you have to be carful because if the surgar water gets on its wings the butterfly will not be able to fly. you could also feed it a sliced grape, orange slice, or gatorade.

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Q: What do giant moths eat?
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What do giant silk moths eat?

The giant silk moths do not eat after they come out of their cocoon. They do not have any working mouth parts.

What do giant leopard moths eat?

Thay eat leaves

Are giant moths poisonous?


Why are some moths called polyphemus?

Polyphemus Moths are a species of giant silkworm moths

Do moths eat spiders?

No. Spiders eat moths.

How do Luna moths eat?

they do not eat because they have no moths

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

What do tiger moths eat?

tiger moths ,(,like most moths ,adult moths) drink nectar ,baby moths eat clothes.

Can Moths Eat Leaves?

yes moths can eat leaves

Do bats eat moths?

Yes bats do eat moths

What do brown moths eat?

Brown moths eat nectar.

Do moths eat people?

No, bats do eat moths though.

Do moths eat grubs?

Moths don't eat grubs.

What do flying moths eat?

flying moths eat bugs.

Do centipedes eat crickets?

Yes, they do. They eat roaches, moths, flies, anything that they can get their fangs on. Some of the giant centipedes also eat toads and pinky mice.

What does a giant dragon fly eat?

it eats smaller dragon flies, moths, bees, mosquitoes and other insects

What do moths eat and what eats a moth?

Moths eat nectar and other fluids. Bats, birds and spiders eat moths

What do Moon Moths eat?

moon moths do not eat anything they have no mouth.

Do frogs eat moths?

frogs eat insects, such as moths

What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

Do moths eat cotton?

Yes ,some moths eat cotton plant .Moths will only eat cotton if it is blended with an animal fiber.

Do all moths eat clothes?

No, different moths eat different things.

Why do you get moths in your closet?

Because moths eat clothes.That's usually what they mostly eat.

Does moths eat clothes?

Moths do NOT eat clothes but they like chewing and nibbling them.

What do mammoth moths eat?

Other mammoth moths