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Well girls usually like it when you hug them and just like to be around them but they usually really hate it when you flirt with other girls to make her jealous, they really like when you just kiss her forehead or cheek.

I agree. I love getting hugs from guys especially the ones you like. I like being held knowing he cares. So guys remember to give the girl a hug.

Absolutely agree. We also like it if you tell her why you like her (funny, smart, etc.) Give her compliments and try to be too cocky.

Also, if you text her in the morning write "Hey Beautiful".

Girls like being called beautiful!

I've never really had a serious relationship before. It kind of sucks because all I do when i'm dating someone is say "Hi" and go to my next class. We don't hug or do anything, which is why I currently don't date. So I would say hug her, definitely say somthing good about her (not her clothes or body, but her personality, you could say she is beautiful!) thats what I would want a guy to do. And maybe fit a kiss in there, but for the first one I would do a short but slow one and see how she reacts!

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Well it depends what type of girl it is but most all girls love to go shopping.

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a girls favorite thing to do is shopping or hanging out with you or her friends. SHOPPING Hanging out with friends!

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Ceremonial magick such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, eating sausages and watching Twilight: Eclipse DVD are but three of the things teenage girls can do for fun.

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Im a girl and im pretty sure animals.

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Q: What do girls do to relax?
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Can girls relax?

Yeah, of course!

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to relax the feet an pamper and de stress the girls =)

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Be herself and relax to do something quiet and peaceful to her. But no girls are ugly anymore.

What do guys like about a girls personality the most?

Easy going. Don't take things too seriously. Girls over analyze everything. RELAX!!!

Can girls take bubble baths?

Sure a good bubble bath is a great way to relax.

How should girls act in relationship?

This is silly! In a relationship, girls just need to relax and be themselves. If you're acting like someone your not, your relationship is just composed of lies.

How do you flirt with the girls?

Just relax and be yourself. Just pretend like your talking to one of yoir friends and be nice :)

What is the most relaxing hobby for girls?

Any hobby that makes you relax does not necessairly have to be for girls only, eg painting, riding a bike, rock climbing, knitting, sewing etc

How do girls dance?

However the feel like, if it's a fast beat then they will just move and have fun. If its slow then get up tight, relax, and have fun

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Relax she just like any other girl look on the page how do you know if girls like you.

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to relax = neergah (×?רגע)neergah (×?רגע) = to relax

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1st of all you need to relax and take it easy and try to not think about it and just say something to face your shyness and be yourself!