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What do grasshoppers eat?


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December 20, 2017 4:49AM

Grasshoppers never eat other insects. They are called herbivores because they eat only plants. Grasshoppers are not picky about the plants they eat. They will eat the grass in your yard and they will eat the crops you have in your field. Usually they eat grasses, leaves and cereals.

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Grasshoppers are insects with jaws for them to chew their food.

They eat carrots, cabbage and other plants in your backyard.

It is also a pest to some farmers since it eats their crops.

No they don't they are vegetarian. Herbivores they eat green plants, grain and other plant matter
A grasshopper lives mainly in grasslands and forests. The grasshopper's diet is grass or other plants it can find.
Here's what I found on WikiAnswers:To take care of a grasshopper you have to give it plants and to eat and hop on, for grasshoppers do not eat insects like mantis's and wetas. put dirt and plants at the bottom of the cage which should be a jar or fish tank. make sure there are air hoes for breathing. For water soak a cotton ball often.