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The more gravity the shorter it will fly. * Gravity has very little to do with aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is the study of the motion of an object through a medium ie. air or water and the disturbances in causes in that medium ie. turbulence etc. The only contribution gravity makes is to the density of that medium.

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Q: What do gravity have to do with aerodynamics?
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How are lift and gravity related?

lift and gravity are related because they are both forces of aerodynamics

What branch of science is aerodynamics from?

It falls under physics along with gravity.

What are the 3 things you needed for a flying machine?

Thrust to over come gravity, a guiding system and a knowledge of aerodynamics.

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the aerodynamics is the stupid answer that no one knows

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What is the branch of aerodynamics?

internal aerodynamics and external aerodynamics. internal is related to flow of ducts and external to going away from the bodies.

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