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It depends on the guy. You should ask him.

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Because it feels nice. Girls like it too :-)

Because guys are guys!!! its like the old saying goes "guys, you cant live with them, cant live without them". Who knows why. Guys like girls. Guys like making out. Put it together and it's really hot? I don't know why really but I guess there's something that turns them on.

because some girls like to be bitten.

I'm the one who is asking the question now I'm saying this to you guys put the right answer based on the question or nobody will like you guys you guys are making me sick

Yes i like it when my girlfriend plays with my hair. I have a buzz cut and she loves to play with it when we are making out

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Guys like girls, the shape of the bodies and softness of there lips. All things about them really. But guys do not like the shape of other guys. They dont get anything out of a guy and girl making out because the guy and girl still has a guy in the equation and a girl cant make out with herself. so therefore guys like it when the thing they like to see makes out with the other thing he likes to see.

guys like girls that aren't sassy to them, and that are fun to be around. If you can talk to a guy without making fun of someone, or saying something mean, it's a plus :)

Madison is a thot she is making all the magcon guys like her. No madison doesn't like hayes but she just wants him to think that.

The majority of guys do not like other guys semen. (sperm is what swims in your semen) Some guys who are not bisexual or gay might like semen in general. Not all bisexual and gay guys like other guys semen. Those bisexual/gay guys who like other guys semen... like it a lot.

Most of the time, being a girl as I am, girls don't like guys doing that...

Two guys? Coming from a woman's perspective... NO WAY. Sorry but we find it werid and could only like watching if you were maybe a cute happy gay couple. Hope that helped.

It is because guys dont see it everyday.

For the same reasons that most guys like girls.

Guys don't like guys...that is called homosexuality and it isn't normal.

None, guys who like girls are straight guys, gay guys are the ones who like guys.

This depends on the guy's personal preference. It might also depend on the girl's weight.

Yea, we love it. Especially if we have a partner or "special friend" with us and making it more pleasurable!

just ask them if they want to-(no offense) but most of us guys dont like ugly chicks

Some do and some don't. Just like some gay guys like straight guys, and some don't. You can't generalize like this.

Some guys like it when you put your arms around his neck, while others like it when you put your hands in his back pockets.

guys like me because im smart and pretty

Well I find the "comedy dude" attractive the most. Some like "bad boys", "shy guys", "sporty guys", "romantic guys", "talented guys", "lazy guys", "smart guys", "sensitive guys", there is just a lot that girls like. So they like their personality. They like looks, style, and lots of things.

They might be shy because they like you. You can make it easier on a guy by making the first move on him if you want to date.

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