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Because it feels nice. Girls like it too :-)

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โˆ™ 2010-11-05 12:01:52
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Q: What do guys like when your making out with them?
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Do guys like making out?

Most do.

What do guys like when making out?

It depends on the guy. You should ask him.

Why do guys like watching girls makeout?

Because guys are guys!!! its like the old saying goes "guys, you cant live with them, cant live without them". Who knows why. Guys like girls. Guys like making out. Put it together and it's really hot? I don't know why really but I guess there's something that turns them on.

Why is it a turn-on for guys to see girls making out?

because guys like lesbians That is because guys have raging hormones and cant control them when they see two girls at it...

Does making out turn guys on?

Yes. Even thinking about making out turns some guys on.

Why do some guys bite when making love?

because some girls like to be bitten.

Do guys like it when girls moan while making out?

yes it makes my balls jiggle

What do men enjoy the most when making love?

BJ's seem like the most...wanted things for guys.

Do guys like it when their girlfriend plays with their hair?

Yes i like it when my girlfriend plays with my hair. I have a buzz cut and she loves to play with it when we are making out

Florante at Laura saknong 302 kahulugan?

I'm the one who is asking the question now I'm saying this to you guys put the right answer based on the question or nobody will like you guys you guys are making me sick

Why do guys get turned on when two girls male out?

Guys like girls, the shape of the bodies and softness of there lips. All things about them really. But guys do not like the shape of other guys. They dont get anything out of a guy and girl making out because the guy and girl still has a guy in the equation and a girl cant make out with herself. so therefore guys like it when the thing they like to see makes out with the other thing he likes to see.

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

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