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fruit,not bananas,birdseeds,berries but onlywhen there washed zuccinni, corn (even on the cob!)oatmeal, NO pickles! allmost every fruit and vegtible!
Hamster mix mainly which can be bought from petshops or supermarkets.

A few other favourites however that my hamster likes that are safe are:





Steamed green beans (after they've cooled)


Apple (seedless - seeds contain cyanide)



I suggest only giving a tiny amount of these foods at a time, however, as too much can cause bad diarrhea.

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Q: What do hamsters eat and drink?
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What can baby hamsters have to eat and drink?

They can have hamster food and fruits and veggies and they drink water.

Do hamster babies drink milk or eat food?

== == Idont know if regular sized hamsters can drink milk because i never see any hamsters drink milk?

What do baby hamsters eat the first 2 week after being born?

They drink milk from the mother.

How often do hamsters need to eat and drink?

Hamsters food bowl should be full all the time. and if u realize that ur hamsters water bottle is getting low then clean it out and refill it.

How much do hamsters drink?

i had a hampster once and it barely drank anything i think that hampster dont drink much but most hampsters eat lots!hampsters don't tend to drink much but they do eat lots!

What do hamster baby's eat?

Baby hamsters drink their mothers millk until old enough to eat regular hamster food

Do hamsters eat lettuce?

Yes, hamsters will eat lettuce.

What foods can hamsters eat?

Hamsters eat fruits and vegetables.

Can hamsters eat clovers?

Yes. Hamsters can eat clover.

Do hamsters eat candy?

no, hamsters should not eat candies.

Do hamsters drink a lot of water?

No, hamsters don't drink a lot. Hamsters are very small creatures and can only take a small amount of water.

What do the syrians drink?

All hamsters drink water.

How long can Hamsters travel for in a car?

As long as it can eat, drink, sleep, go to the bathroom ,have air and take breaks

What flowers do hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat dandelions, and sheppards purse.

Can hamsters eat chick weed?

hamsters can not eat chick weed

Where are hamsters origiganaly from?

hamsters ancestors are from the desert. this is why they hardly drink water

Can hamsters eat each other?

Yes, mother hamsters can eat their babies, but adult hamsters cannot eat each other.

Do hamsters eat cashews?

No. Hamsters can't eat cashews. They can only eat peanuts that are not salted.

Should hamsters drink hot or hot or cold milk?

Hamsters should drink water rather than milk.

Can hamsters eat cheese?

it is not good for hamsters

What if your hamster does not eat or drink?

Then your hamster might be eating when you don't know or your hamsters intestines might be blocked if you think they are please take them to the vet, hamsters don't drink a lot of water and it's hard to see if they did, I hope this helps good luck

Can hamsters drink apple juice?

No, they can only drink water.

How do you get hamsters to drink?

put there waterbottle by there mouth and they shoud drink

Can hamsters eat peanuts?

yes hamsters can eat peanuts. It is their favorite food! :)

What kind of apples can hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat any kinds of apples.