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What do humans exhale?

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They breath out air with a higher percentage of CO2, a lower percentage of oxygen and (depending on the humidity) a higher percentage of water vapour.

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What do humans do to create CO2?


What does the human exhale and inhale?

Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon di oxide.

Which gas do humans exhale?

Carbon dioxide

What gasses do humans exhale?

Typically the gas humans exhale is about 4% to 5% CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 4% to 5% less oxygen than was inhaled.

Why do humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?

Humans inhale both and exhale both, however all Co2 is exhaled and only some O2 is exhaled.

Do humans inhale oxygen?

Yes humans inhale oxygen but exhale carbon dioxide.

Are the gases that humans exhale during respiration weightless?


Why do humans need oxygen and why do humans exhale carbon dioxide?

We need oxygen because of reasons . Without oxygen we would die . Humans exhale carbon dioxide becasue it is poisionous to the body and we cannot have it in our respitory system for long

What is interdependence of plants and humans?

Humans need to eat plant food. Plants need carbon dioxide which humans exhale.

Do Humans breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen?

No; humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Do humans exhale only carbon dioxide?

we also exhale water(h2o) along with carbon dioxide. All the constituents of the air we inhale are in the air we exhale. The proportions differ because of the gas exchange in the lungs.

What is a declarative sentence for exhale?

Humans breathe out carbon dioxide and water vapor when they exhale. The relaxation of the diaphragm muscle allows you to exhale, but tightening the chest muscles lets you push air out forcibly, as when inflating a balloon.

How does carbon dioxide affect humans?

We exhale carbon dioxide or called CO2

Why humans exhale carbon dioxide?

because they have to let all the bad stuf out

How alligators get oxygen?

They inhale air and exhale carbon just like humans.

Why humans exhale more water vapour than they inspire?

Humans exhale more water vapour than they inhale because water vapour is a product of respiration which means that your body creates it so has more to get rid of.

Do humans have carbon dioxide?

Humans produce carbon dioxide through respiration; when humans breathe out, they exhale more carbon dioxide than they had breathed in.

How is carbon and oxygen cycle related?

Plants breathe carbon dioxide in and exhale oxygen as opposed to humans who do the opposite. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

How do koalas gas exchange?

They breathe in air and exhale CO2 just like humans do.

What do humans and animals exhale when they release carbon back in the air?

CO2 (carbon dioxide).

When humans and animals exhale they release carbon back into the air by a process called what?


Does cow exhale oxygen after inhaling it?

Yes, but not as O2. Cows, just like us humans, exhale CO2, which is carbon dioxide, a molecule that has oxygen with a carbon atom attached.

What percentage of greenhouse gases are produced by humans including the use of recovered hydrocarbons?

0%- Humans exhale CO2. Human expell methane.

How do humans pollute the environment?

only slightly because we exhale co2 but trees absorb most of that.

What is exhaled air made of?

Humans exhale air with a high amount of CO2 or carbon dioxide.