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i would suggest stuff u liked the whole time u were at middle school and also how u hope the next grade will be as great as that 1

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Q: What do i write for my 8th grade promotion speech?
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Should you write 8th grade or eighth grade?

Write eighth.

What is a good 8th grade speech for school president?

search on youtube for .........8th grade president speech and look for girl in cap and gown with glasses.her name is jasmine

What is an eighth grade graduation speech?

Its a speech that every 8th grader writes to reflect on their school days from their middle school experience (6th to 8th grade). here's a site to help you get started if you need help: =]

What is 8th grade promotion?

8th grade promotion is a ceremony or event held at the end of the school year to celebrate and acknowledge students moving from 8th grade to high school. It marks the transition from middle school to secondary education. Students often receive certificates or awards during the promotion ceremony.

Can you give some ideas for an 8th grade graduation speech about relationships?

8th grade was my favorite year, definately point out that their were some good times with friends in the past and that you cant wait for the years to come with your class, their are good times and bad times but in every situation we've gotten past it and looked forward and that's what we will continue to do. When you have the speech re write it and practice in front of a mirror and you should be good.

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scooter is in the 8th grade they skipped him to the 8th

What are some good topics for a grade 8 speech?

Condomes don't protect the heart trust me you'll get a big round of aplause (i'm an 8th grader to and gave the same speech).

What is the 8th grade in the UK?

8th grade is year 9

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What is the number grade for passing 7 grade?

8th grade