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What do levers have to do with mouse trap cars?

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Levers are a big deal when it comes to Mouse Trap Cars, levers help make the mechanical advantage and ideal mechanical advantage higher and better.

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What type of levers do you have in a house?

you have lots of lever in your house, like a light switch, or a mouse trap! it all depends on if you need 1st 2nd or 3rd class levers.

What works better a small mouse trap car or a large mouse trap car?

It is better to use small trap cars as the larger ones can prevent no use to trapping a mouse the small traps are much quicker to get the mouse/rats.

How do you make mouse trap cars go fast and far lke mi?

use a rat trap

How big is a mouse trap for mouse trap cars?

It depends on the mouse trap that you use if you use a little cheap one they are about 3 7/8 long with width of 1 13/16 and a height of 1/4 (all in inches)

What is the plural of mouse-trap?

The plural of mouse trap is mouse traps.

What are the best wheels for mouse trap cars?

Old CDs work well.

How do you trap a mouse?

You get a mouse trap...

Do cars have levers?

yes They do have levers

Can a mouse trap kill a rat?

a mouse trap can trap a rat

Is a mouse trap a lever?

Yes a mouse trap is a lever

Can a mouse get out of a mouse trap?


When was Mouse Trap game invented?

Mouse trap was invented in 1963 :]

How do you make a mouse trap car without a mouse trap?

you dont

How big is a mouse trap?


How do you get read of mouse?

A mouse trap

How does a mouse trap function?

There are several types of traps for mice. There is a trap that kills the mouse and a trap that does not kill the mouse. As for the one that does kill the mouse, this is how it works. Once the mouse goes for the bait set on the trap, once the bait is touched, the spring snaps shut.

What is the mouse trap in Hamlet?

"The Mouse Trap" is the play that Hamlet has the players perform to trap Claudius into betraying his guilt.

What problems related to friction did you encounter and how did you solve them in mouse trap cars?

How to solve problems of physics? i want an answer soon.

How to build a mouse trap car?

The best way to build a mouse trap car is to add four wheels to a peace of wood and add a mouse trap

What is the most humane type of mouse trap?

There is a mouse trap called a 'Smart Mouse Trap' and it is in the shape of a house. The mouse runs inside and the door to the house shaped mice catcher simply closes without harming the mouse.

How do you slow down a mouse?

mouse trap.

How do you make a mouse trap car?

You put your hand in a working mouse trap and start running;)

What can you use to make a mouse trap car?

you can put elcteric wires under the mouse trap

What do spiders trap their prey in?

set a mouse trap

Why were cars with levers dangerous?

Very hard to control with levers instead of a steering wheel.

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