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What do ligers eat?


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December 20, 2017 4:39PM

Ligers eat raw meat. They generally don't like chicken, but will consume almost everything else. Ligers can eat from between 30 and 50 pounds of meat every day.

"Ligers" are hybrids of a male lion and a female tiger (tigress). They are not found in the wild because they live on entirely different continents and, without human intervention, would not be physically located where they could mate. Since they are not in the wild, they eat what is provided by their keepers, the same as all captive big cats eat. This is usually horse meat, beef, or chicken. Some are fed a concoction of raw eggs and milk one day a week.

They are carnivors ligers eat many kinds of animals mainly pork and things people feed them they eat horseor zebra

a mix of birds, cows, and pigs, mabye even real afican animals like zebra and antolope.

meat allot meat. also fruit. they cant be found in a Continent but in you local zoo. you can learn more from your local zookeeper at the zoo.