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What do mean by pound for pound boxer?

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pound for pound is a way of saying without the obvious weight differance, is this guy who's 140lbs a better fighter than this guy who's 240lbs, it's who would win hypothetically if weight didn't matter. so the best pound for pound fighter would be simply the best, even though he'd lose to someone because of size.

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Who is the greatest boxer in the world today?

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao of the Philippines is the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the world today.

How was sugar ray rubinson?

Sugar Ray Robinson was a late boxer, he was considered as the greatest boxer ever pound for pound.

What is Sugar Ray Leonard admired for?

Sugar Ray Leonard is considered as the greatest boxer ever for pound to pound boxer.

Who is the best boxer ever pound for pound?

Sugar Ray Robinson, in my opinion

Where was the boxer Chad Dawson born?

The American boxer named Chad Dawson was born in Hartsville, South Carolina on July 13, 1982. In 2012 he was considered the 10th best boxer on a pound for pound ranking.

Who is the number one pound for pound boxer today?

Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao of the Philippines

What does best pound for pound boxer mean in boxing?

it's kind of a stupid distinction because there is no way to prove any of this. Pound for pound lists are trying to rank boxers on the absolute value of their skill -- so if all the boxers were the same weight who would be the best.

Who was Sugar Ray Robinson?

Most boxing experts say he was the Greatest Boxer Pound for Pound that ever lived.

What would win a pitbull or a boxer?

pitbulls should win because its powerful then da boxer

How much do boxer puppies weigh when they are born?

Boxer puppies can weigh in at birth a little less than a pound upwards to 3 pounds for a new born.

Are boxer bulldogs mean?

A boxer-bulldog cross could be aggressive, but I wouldn't expect this cross to be mean or aggressive overall.

Who are the worlds famous athletes 2009?

Manny "pacman" Paquiao, a boxer. A pound for pound king. He make the history of 7 titles , in different divitions.

Why would the pound or animal agencies give away free boxer puppies?

Places such as a pound or animal agency might give away boxer puppies free because they cannot afford to feed them themselves. Alternatively it could be that they have not got space to house the puppies

Is Joseph agbeko an heavy weight boxer?

Agbeko is the former world bantamweight champion.(118 pound limit)

What is a quart of a pound?

Maybe you mean a quarter of a pound. This is one-fourth of the pound.

Who was the most well known filipino?

the past great of the Philippines i don't know but present is the international pound for pound king manny pacquiao. his nickname is the packman. he is the best boxer in the world

What does game as a bagel mean?

In the East End of London. I often heard this term used when describing a boxer. He's as game as a bagel (or Beigel as we say!). It means a boxer is brave boxer.

What does pound for pound mean?

"Pound for pound" is a loosely used saying that means "equal" or "to match" something else.

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