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They are made of particles and are in the solar system.

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Q: What do meteorites and asteroids have in common?
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How can studying meteorites help us understand the composition of asteroids?

Meteorites help us understand the composition of asteroids because meteorites are small asteroids.

What do comets asteroids and meteorites all have in common?

They are all very hot.

What are the different types of meteorites?

The classification of meteorites is complex but at a high level they can be divided into Stony meteorites and Stony-iron meteorites. Meteorites are fragments of Asteroids and or comets.

What is meheorites?

Meteorites are asteroids that strike the Earth.

How do meteorites differ from asteroids?

Asteroids are objects smaller then planets that orbit the Sun. Meteorites are (usually) smaller objects that enter the atmosphere and reach the ground.

What was around the sun when it was first formed?

Asteroids and Meteorites

What were meteorites before they got knocked out of their orbit?


Do meteorites asteroids and comets travel in their own orbits?


What are the differences between comets asteroids and meteorites?

they are different

Did gold originate from asteroids or meteorites from space?


What two space objects produce meteorites?

comets and asteroids

What are meteorites asteroids and comets?

Rock debree from other galaxy's

Does meteorites come from volcanoes?

Meteorites do not come volcanoes. Instead, meteorites come from comets or asteroids and originate in outer space. The size can vary from small to extremely large.

All meteorites collected on Earth come from asteroids or comets?


How asteroids and meteorites linked?

A meteorite is an asteroid that is pulled into the Earth's atmosphere.

How do craters form on the moon?

They are formed by asteroids and meteorites crashing into the surface of the moon

How are asteroids and meteorites alike?

they both are in space space and sometimes you cant see them

Other members of the solar system?

asteroids comets meteoroids meteor meteorites

What are the minor members of solar system?

Asteroids,Meteors,Meteorites,Meteoroids,Comets :)

What are some SSSBs in the solar system?

Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, meteors, meteorites

What are small rocky bodies that revolve around the sun called?


What difference do asteroids have from other space components?

Asteroids are mass of earth or rock about the size ranging from 1 km to even 500 km. Meteorites are smaller than asteroids.

How do meteorites turn into?

Asteroids get caught in Earth's gravitational pull. Asteroids become meteroids when they enter Earth's atmosphere. Meteroids becomes meteors when they light up due to friction. Meteors become meteorites when they hit Earth's surface.

Can asteroids meteorites or man-made explosions cause tsunamis?

Yes the astroides and meteorites move the ocean forming a wave, spcifcally a tsunami.

How do moon craters form on the moon?

They are formed by asteroids and meteorites crashing into the surface of the moon