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mice do like cheese and i have proof beacuase i did a science project and they ate the cheese like we eat ice cream!

BY Huntere!!

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Q: What do mice like to eat?
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Do mice eat shrubs?

the mice like the trash they eat evrything they find

Do mice eat raspberries?

some do... some don't... it depends on what they like to eat (well, all mice like cheese...)

Do rats like mice?

I don't know. However I have heard that rats will kill mice and perhaps eat them. Hence, in that sense, I suppose that rats do like mice - if it is true that they will eat baby mice.

Do cats really like mice?

cats tend to play with mice but do not like to eat them.

How do tarsiers eat?

they eat chesse like mice

What kinds of plants do mice eat?

mice like to eat sweet plants, like certain kinds of flowers and tree leaves.

Do stray cats eat mice?

Yes, pretty much all cats like to eat mice.

Do geese eat mice?

Much like chickens, geese and ducks will eat mice. It depends on the bird.

Do wild mice eat turkey meat?

Wild mice like bologna.

Do mice eat beans?

Yes I think mice will eat any seeds like nuts, beans and grains.

Do mice eat cookies?

Yes, mice do eat cookies. They will eat basically anything a human will eat, as long as it is not rotten. Cookies (especially chocolate ones like Oreo) are favorites of many mice.

What do komdo dragons like to eat?


Do cats like to eat mice?

yes they do!

What the mice like to eat?

rat poison:)

Do groundhogs eat mice?

Groundhogs are herbivores and do not eat mice. They will eat anything plant like such as leaves, wheat, grasses and vegetables from gardens.

Can mice eat bread?

yes mice can eat bread and they can many other things like cookies crackers and they really like peanut butter

What do rattlesnakes like to do?

rattlesnakes like to eat and like to sleep.mice

What kind of cheese do mice eat?

Mice really don't like cheese, but if you feed it to them, they'll most likely eat it.

Do mice eat larvae?

no they do not they eat mostly plants like grass

What types of cheese do mice like to eat?

Mice eat just about any kind of cheese....but if you are setting traps to catch mice, try peanut butter. It sounds weird, but it works like a charm.

Do frogs eat mice?

they eat insects, spiders, and other bugs and really big frogs can eat small mammals, like baby mice,and small birds like chicks

What do eagals eat?

eagals eat mice snakes and stuffs like thatThey eat dogs

What do Basilisk's eat?

Rats, mice stuff like that.

What do mice like and eat?

Cheese . :d <3

Do mice like tomatoes?

they eat any thing