What do monkeys do all day?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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they eat their long yellow jucie sweet tangy mouth watering bannans .........yummy

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The same thing that you do; pick bugs off of your butt!

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Q: What do monkeys do all day?
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What do monkeys like to do all day?

Monkeys like to climb on trees and eat bananas

At what time of the day do the story begin in The Monkeys Paw?

] Well about that finger monkeys stay out all day and all night... XD Amazing huh... XD ===

Do monkeys prey any animal?

no they feast on bugs and leaves all day. Only chimps prey on smaller, dying monkeys.

Are capuchin monkeys diurnal?

Yes, they are. They spend all day searching for food.

Do spider monkeys come out during the day or night?

Spider monkeys are active during the day.

When are monkeys born night or day?

monkeys are born wherever they are ready to come out

Why do monkeys not become fat?

Because they're eating little and exercising almost all day. However, in lab experiments in which they eat junk food, they become chunky monkeys.

Are all monkeys extinct?

Not at all! There are many living monkeys in the world today.

Are all monkeys fury?

All monkeys have fur on some place on their body.

How many monkeys primates?

All monkeys are primates.

Is all the monkeys primates?

Yes. Monkeys are primates

Are apes and monkeys alike?

Monkeys are primates, but not all primates are monkeys. Primates also include lemurs, tarsiers, and apes.