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What are the health benefits of a bran muffin.

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Q: What do muffins do for your body that's healthy?
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Are Carrot Muffin Healthy?

Yes, Carrot muffins are healthy. Healthy carrot muffins made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and maple syrup. These muffins make a great, quick breakfast.

Why are muffins considered a healthy snack?

they're not they contain about 600-700 calories and about 7g of fat and just carbs. NOT healthy

Is a blueberry muffin a solution?

That depends. Not all blueberry muffins are created equally. It is possible for blueberry muffins to be healthy! You need to look at the ingredients that are used in creating a muffin (or cake or brownie) to determine its nutritional value and whether it's healthy or not.

Why dowe need protien?

we need protein for many reasons for a healthy body for better growth to prevent some nutrutional diseases thats kwashiokor

How people benefit from water?

its healthy for you thats obvious!

Describe how the Middle Colonies were different from the New England Colonies?

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Is junk food healthy for your body?

no it's not healthy for your body

Are Tim Hortons bran muffins good for you?

Blueberries are good for you and bran is good for you, but if the muffin is loaded with sugar and fat, then no, it wouldn't be good for you. Make them yourself so you know what is going into them and you can feel confident that what you are eating is good for you.

What makes oats healthy?

They basicly taste like nothing thats why.

Are potato chips healthy for your body?

No , potatoe chips are NOT healthy for your body !

How can you keep your body healthy?

The body can be kept healthy by healthy by good food intake and daily exercise.

Why did the Greeks emphasize a beautiful body?

They mostly emphasized in a healthy and strong body, because they believed that the mind had to "live" in a healthy body to be healthy and strong itself.