Musical Notes and Values

What do musical notes symbolize?


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Simply - music is made up of sound and silence. Notes represent sound while rests represent silence.


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Musical notes are apart of a MEASURE.

Musical notes are written on a staff.

There are seven musical notes in the musical scale. However, there are different tones of each note. The notes range from A to G and can be sharp or flat.

A musical interval of eight notes is known as an octave.

Db are decibels. They are measurement of sound pressure not frequency. They are not musical notes, but their intensity. Musical notes can be measured in decibels. That just tells you how loud they are.

Eight notes in an octave.

You can learn musical notes by being taught by an experienced musician who can accurately decifer between notes then they can teach them how to play specific notes.

If you practise hard enough you will be able to!!! Start with getting a musical book and trace the notes.

Musical notation is literally music notes $$$$&$$$&

It means notes are going lower.

A musical pattern formed by a series of notes is a scale. The type of scale is dependent on the pattern

The lines that musical notes a written on are called a musical staff, or sometimes a stave. When extra notes are required above or below the staff, they are placed on shorter lines known as ledger lines.

A lot!64th notes32nd notes16th notes8th notesQuarter notesHalf notesWhole notesAnd even more!

It is a musical instrument that will play all notes.

Movements of musical notes change the tempo and pitch of the song.

It is written by Craig Carnelia (of "Working" fame) and is said to be part of an unfinished, unpublished musical called "Notes". Notes

It depends on the instrument


The different types of musical sounds are sometimes referred to as musical notes. These include notes created on each instrument and are categorized by the type of instrument such as stringed or brass.

where's the notes for all alacranes musical songs for the alto sax?

maybe it didnt have any notes. it was a musical.....

Notes C, D, E, F, G, A and B

No, the shape of notes represents their relative duration

A melody is a succession of musical notes, played in sequence. A chord is a collection of musical notes all played at the same time.

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