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Cac1111-0 is the model of your watch, the other one is the serial.
You have the same watch as me :)

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Q: What do numbers on the case back Tag heuer f1 watch cac1111-0 GC1573 mean?
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Does the pink womens tag heuer watch light up?

Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAF141B.BA0813 Women's Watch

Is your tag heuer watch genuine?

If you're unsure if the Tag Heuer watch you have is authentic, you can take it to an authorized dealer and have them inspect it.

Where can I get a tag Heuer watch from?

If you are looking for an authentic but cheap tag Heuer watch, is a great site. Its safe and incredibly easy.

Is Tag Heuer a good watch to wear on the golf course?

The Tag Heuer watch is perffeect,but it is light weight so be careful.

How much is a tag heuer cl5110 watch worth?

Tag Heuer watch is good ,and its quality is so high ,its price about $2000 or more.

What is the RRP of the TAG Heuer Monaco watch?

The recommended retail price (RRP) of the TAG Heuer Monaco watch is around eighty thousand dollars. The TAG Heuer Monaco watch is very expensive with a recommended retail price (RRP) of 80,000 dollars.

Repair location for tag Heuer watch?

There are different places to repair the watch. You can either send it in to tag Heuer, or you can go in to a local repair shop to get the work performed on it.

How is tag heuer pronoun?

The word 'Tag Heuer' is a noun, a proper noun the name of a company that manufactures watches. A proper noun is always capitalized.The personal pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'Tag Heuer' is it (for the company or the watch).Example:Tag Heuer manufactures watches. It was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer.My watch is a Tag Heuer Carrera. It was a gift from my father.

What is the most expensive watch sold by TAG Heuer?

The most expensive watch sold by tag heuer is the monaco v4 at the price of 80,000 it the most expensive watch sold by them there are several different kinds.

Where can I find tag Heuer watch bands?

The department stores at the mall carry tag Heuer watch bands. I have used their services to change my wristband also. They have the selection available.

How much is a tag heuer watch worth usd?


Tag Heuer watch 97675 how much is it worth?