What do of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem?


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what do mean of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem

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What are the human activities that distrupt the ecosystem

Human Activities that disrupt the Ecosystem Pollution Mass Manufacture Deforestation Introduction of exotic species to new environments Overfishing Building Roads Hunting

how do kaingin activities discrupt the cycle of an ecosystem

Humans are the biggest cause of concern to ecosystem health. They disrupt ecosystems by performing farming and by building new infrastructure.

irrigation of water from rivers and streams such as the aral lake irrigation project

increase of population is the main reason for distrupt in ecosystem. 1. by means deforestration 2. pollution changes the ecosystem function 3. encroachment in forest

what are the harmful effects of dynamite and cyanide finishing on the cyele of our ecosystem

through kaingin system,mining,deforestation,illegal logging,and many more

All human activities take place in the ecosystem

Humans are the cause of many ecosystem disruptions. Some of these disruptions include deforestation, air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and the extinction of organisms.

Many activities disrupt ecosystem balance.For example, global warming is the result of us humans not being considerate enough to care about what happens to all that deadly gas we emit into the environment.Some others arePollutionMass ManufactureDeforestationIntroduction of exotic species to new environmentsOverfishing

A natural disaster is an example of a factor that can disrupt the final stage of an ecosystem. Human activity is another factor.

We can control the effect of human activities on the ecosystem by finding solutions to simple problems. If there is a will,then there's a way.

By destroying trees and pillaging resources humans disrupt the ecosystem.

kaya nga ako nag sesearch para malaman yung sagot tapos pinapasagutan mo sakin!!ehh _ _ _ _ ka pla ehh!!

Human activities like deforestation may cause a shrinking effect to natural habitats. This may in turn cause the ecosystem of a region to become unstable.

DeforestationA lot of the agricultureExcessive huntingWater and air pollution

For every action there is an effect.

Man made ecosystem is a name given to an environment that has been modified by human activities. Examples of a man made ecosystem includes aquariums and parks.

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