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What do oil filters look like?

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Oil filters look quite a bit like a soda can, but shaped more like a small jar of peanut butter, perhaps. It will be probably the only thing attached to your engine block that has no wires or tubing coming from it.

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What is a good place to lookup information about oil filters?

There are a number of places to look up information about oil filters. Some websites which offer information are Fram Catalog and Wix Filters. Napa Filters and Oil Filters Online are two other sites which offer information regarding oil filters.

How to look after a diesel engine?

Change oil and filters regularly

Who makes carquest oil filters?

I have been searching on the net and found out that WIX makes the carquest oil filters. If you look at the carquest oil filter box it will say Wix Filtration.

Where can you cross reference oil filters for trucks?

Look on internet - Some companies, notably Purolator cross ref filters.

What is the cross reference for a Dana oil filter?

look up WIX Filters

Who manufactures generac oil filters?

Hard to tell as it may change from year to year. My educated guess would be Purolator or Fram but that is just a guess based on the appearance of their filters. Some look like a Fram and some look like Purolator depending on the model. While there are dozens of oil filter brands out there, there are only a few actual manufacturers. Most filters are made by Baldwin/Hastings, Champ, Donaldson, Purolator, or Dana/Wix.

Who makes AC Delco oil filters?

Champion Filters (not connected with Champion Spark Plugs)

What kinds of filters does Purolator produce?

Purolator produces filters for vehicles. They produce both oil filters and air filters for a very wide selection of vehicles. They also offer oil filters for both natural and synthetic oil.

How many oil filters does it have?

How many does what have oil filters? it only has one oil filter and a oil strainer in the oil pan below oil pump

Who makes napa oil filters?

WIX makes all of NAPA's oil filters

Do you have to prime diesel oil filters?

No not the oil filters, just the fuel filters You don't have to. But I put oil in them when I can. Just the way I was told to do it when I first started working on engines.

What is waste oil and filters?

waste oil is oil that gets dumped in the ocean, its pollution whether its and accident or in purpose. Filters are special filters that the oil gos through so it can get a bit "clean."

What are opinions on the best oil filter?

FRAM makes garbage oil filters, I cut one open and the inside was cardboard. I will only use pennzoil oil filters because It keeps the oil clean and they are very strong filters. The WIX filters are the best in my opinion.

2004 Yamaha 4 stroke oil filters?

2004 Yahama 4 stroke 225hp oil filters

Does it hurt to switch from Toyota oil filters to carquest oil filters on 4 cylinder engines?

Just make sure that you do not use cheap filters. Always use filters as good as OEM filters at least. Don't use FRAM.

Where can I get online shop that sells used oil filter?

Here are some websites that you may find useful when trying to find used oil filters

Who makes Walmart oil filters?

Most of the oil filters sold under the store brand are made by Champion. Champion has been in the business of filters for many decades.

What is the difference between particulate filter and other oil filters?

All oil filters are particulate filters. They filter "particles" from the oil. How well they do it is another matter. Stick with a name brand filter and you'll be fine.

Can you useToyota oil filter for Lexus RX330?

Lexus uses Toyota oil filters for their vehicles, so yes, you can use Toyota oil filters for your Lexus.

Lee oil filters?

Champion Labs made them... They also make STP, Champ and some AC Delco Oil Filters. They also make Mobil One premium filters

What is weight of used Oil filters in 55 gallon drum?

265 lbs of uncrushed oil filters in a 55 gallon drum.

What oil filters cross reference Fram PH2874 or Mann W77?

what oil filters cross reference Fram PH2874 orPH8170

Why you not use oil filters in motorcycles?

all japanese, american made motorcycles have oil filters of some sort.usually a spin on filter

What is the purlator oil filter cross reference for coopers z7?

You can Google a Purolator cross-ref chart for oil filters and air filters.

Where can one purchase a Fram oil filter?

You can purchase a Fram oil filter online from the Oil Filters Online website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these filters from retailers such as Amazon.