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What do ojibwa wear?

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Ojibwa wore moccasins in the summer. Moccasins are a type of shoes they wore. They also wore animal hides in winter and breech cloth in summer. Not many of them wore feather headresses but some did. The Ojibwa wore clothes made from animal skin like woman wore animal skin dresses. Hope this helps.

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What kind of clothes does the ojibwa wear?

well the ojibwa wore i dont actally know clothes aha !!

What clothes did the ojibwa wear?

The Ojibwa wore breech cloth and hide moccasins in the summer before the 17 century.

What did the ojibwa wear?

they wore these types of shoes called moccians

What kind of clothing did the Ojibwa tribe men wear?

deerskin leggings

What kind of clothing did the Ojibwa Indians wear?

The Ojibwa wore Light, breech clothing and dresses made from animal skin and fur. they decorated it with beads.

What did the ojibwa tribe wear?

The Ojibwe tribe would wear something light and a coat over it. They would also wear deer skin legging!

What did the ojibwa people wear?

deerskin leggings and the ladies wore long dresses all year round

What kind of clothing did the Ojibwa tribe wear?

light cloths and leather overcoats. in the sumer the women will where long dresses.

What was the religon for the ojibwa tribe?

the Ojibwa tribe is catholic.

How do you say Ojibwa in Ojibwa?


What god did the ojibwa have?

The Ojibwa people call God , "The Creator" .

What are some words that start with A and have to do with Ojibwa?

things that have to do with Ojibwa and start with A

Why and what were there rivalries between the Ojibwa and the Lakota?

Why: The Ojibwa moved into Lakota lands and they started war. What: The Ojibwa moved in without permission.

What does ojibwa mean?

One translation of the word 'ojibwa'' means ''puckered up'' and probably refers to the puckered seams on Ojibwa moccasins.

Where does the ojibwa tribe live?

The ojibwa lived in a pack all together.

Did ojibwa hunt?

Ojibwa hunts with bow,arrows,axes and more..........

How do you say your welcome in ojibwa?

The ojibwa translation for "you're welcome" is "nahow."

What game did the ojibwa tribe play?

the Ojibwa people play sorry

How do you say I Miss you in Ojibwa?

"Gigwiinawenimin" means "I miss you" in Ojibwa(y).

What did the Ojibwa do for money?

did you know that the ojibwa people speak English but most native

Where do ojibwa Indians from?

ojibwa indians live around in canada and u.s. reservations.

What are the different ways to spell ojibwa?

Ojibwe, Ojibwa and Ojibway are all acceptable.

What did the ojibwa wear you need an elaborate answer you are trying to write a book and you are only finding two-word answers This would be much appreciated?

William W Warren's "History of the Ojibway People" has long been recognized as a classic source on Ojibwe history and culture. The Ojibwa Indians (Native Peoples) by Bill Lund provides an overview of the past and present lives of the Ojibwa people. The Ojibwa Woman by Ruth Landes is a startlingly intimate glimpse into the lives of Ojibwa women. A bit of research is more likely to provide you with the information you need to create your own elaboration.

What is the ojibwa word for white wolf?

The Ojibwa word for White Wolf is Wabiska Ma'iingan

What kind of music did the Ojibwa people listen to?

the Ojibwa people listen to drum dance

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