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What do pelicans eat?

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The diet of a Pelican usually consists of fish, but they also eat amphibians, crustaceans and on some occasions, smaller birds.

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Do bears eat pelicans?

yes they eat pelicans

How much can pelicans eat?

Pelicans can eat a lot of food you know.

Do pelicans eat pigeons?

Yes, pelicans have been known to eat pigeons if they're nearby. Pelicans normally eat fish, but eating pigeons are getting quite often.

Do pelicans eat anything besides meat?

Pelicans eat just fish (not just any meat).

What does a pelican eat?

Pelicans eat fish

Pelicans like to eat?

Pelicans basic food are fish. They will eat small crabs if they find them crawling on the beach.

Do pelicans eat fish?

Yes! They do eat fish

Does pelicans eat herons?

No, pelicans eat fish most of the time. Occasionally they will eat amphibians, crustaceans and rarely, smaller birds such as doves or pigeons.

What is the pelicans niche?

They eat fish

Do pelicans eat crawfish?


Can pelicans eat crab?

yes it is

Do seals eat pelicans?

Yes they do!

Do pelicans eat micro organism?


What do white pelicans eat?


Do pelicans eat less in summer?


What kind of ducks eat fish?


Do pelicans eat squid and krill?


Do pelicans eat shrimp?

yes they eat every thing that they catch.

What do a pelican eat?

Pelicans eat small to medium sized fish.

Are pelicans omnivores?

carnivores because they eat fish

What birds eat bass?

hawks, pelicans, and herons

What plants do brown pelicans eat?

im actually not sure if they eat plants

Do pelicans eat turtles?

I have seen a pelican eat a turtle but they are not their normal food.

What type of food pelicans eat?

the pelican can eat a great dane as easy as a fish because the pelicans mouth can expand wider than thedog or what ever it eats

What is the collective noun for a group of pelicans?

Collective nouns for pelicans are:a brief of pelicansa colony of pelicansa pod of pelicansa pouch of pelicansa raft of pelicansa rookery of pelicansa scoop of pelicansa squadron of pelicans